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A day in the life of a Biosciences student | The University of Sheffield

Join third-year Biomedical Science student Jane as she takes us through a typical day of lectures and labs before winding down over dinner with friends. Find out more about studying in the…

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Economics Student Life Q&A (recorded at the 6th March 2021 Applicant Day)

Three student ambassadors in the Department of Economics share their experiences of student life in Sheffield. This session was recorded live at the virtual Applicant Day on 6th March 2021).

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Materials Science & Engineering - Life in the Department (SUBTITLES)

Find out what it's like to study Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

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What our students say - Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield

Hear what students think about studying Aerospace Engineering at the University of Sheffield. View the other films in this series: Course overview Aerospace…

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A Student Has No Status

Need to prove you're a student? Certificates of student status are available from SSiD on Level 3 of the Students' Union.

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BMS Student Experience 2018

Three current Biomedical Science students, Ebony, Genn and Camilla, share their experiences so far about the Biomedical Science course and adapting to University life in general. Video made by:…

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Day in the Life of BMS Student

A light hearted snapshot in a typical day for a Biomedical Science student. There's lot's to enjoy being a student but a full English breakfast and a cup of tea certainly helps to fuel all…

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The University of Sheffield Korea Video 2018 Entry

This is a video commissioned by Hannah Stelman, Regional Manager for Korea at Sheffield to showcase the University of Sheffield to prospective students from Korea. The video features current students…

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