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BMS Student Experience 2018

Three current Biomedical Science students, Ebony, Genn and Camilla, share their experiences so far about the Biomedical Science course and adapting to University life in general. Video made by:…

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We are Biomedical Science Students!

While life as a Biomedical Science student might seem like 'all work and no play' at times, current student, Syaziyah rewinds her day to show it can actually be quite fun if you make the…

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BMS Student Experience 2018

If you're new to the City (or the UK even), four of our current BMS students, Ifeoluwa, Manuela, Taurai, and Priscilla describe their student experience, what they like about Sheffield and The…

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Discover Sheffield and what make it unique

If you're new to Sheffield and starting study at Biomedical Science, a few of our current students have provided some personal insights and useful tips to help you settle in, make new friends…

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Chapter and Verse. A Day in the Life of a (rather eccentric) Biomed Student!

Theo's start to the day doesn't go exactly as planned, but ends on a high note - proving that the BMS experience is far from 'all work, and no play'! Video made by: Sam Horton,…

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Martha's Typical Student Day

Martha, a current undergraduate, breaks down her day as a typical Biomedical Science student in this, slightly unusual, but excellent cinematic representation. Video made by: Sam…

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Katie's Typical Day as a Biomedical Science Student

Find out what a typical University day involves for BMS student Katie. Video made by: Malgorzata Urbacz, Katie Wong, Kim Harvey, Isobel Ruff

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Top Tips for Sheffield Starters

This short video is provides a great intro for new (or prospective) students at the University of Sheffield. Made as a general guide, discover what it is like to study in Sheffield from the…

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A Day In The Life Of 3 BMS Students

Follow three current undergraduates, Jasmine, Hannah and Thomas, who each share a typical portion of their day as a BMS student. . Video made by: Hannah O'Connor, Jasmine Le Ny, Thomas Burgess

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New and Prospective Students - Department Tour 2018

If you're coming to study in the department and unsure what to expect, then let one of our current students introduce you to a range of services, facilities, teaching and study expectations. The…

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Biomedical Science at Sheffield - Whistle-stop Tour

This short video made by current four BMS Students is aimed at new students coming to the department, and intends to give some extra (useful) tips on information they would have liked to know more…

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Day in the Life of BMS Student

A light hearted snapshot in a typical day for a Biomedical Science student. There's lot's to enjoy being a student but a full English breakfast and a cup of tea certainly helps to fuel all…

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Freshers Guide - Welcome to Sheffield

If you're coming to do your degree here or interested in the prospect of studying at Sheffield, three of our current students - Jordan, Mary and Cara - provide an overview of University life in…

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Day in the Life of two BMS Students

Find out what a typical Uni day shapes up for two of our current students, Oisharja and Reem. One early riser and one not so much! Video made by: Nurkaiyisah Zaal Anuar, Aysha Wahid, Oisharja…

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A Students' Veggie Guide to Sheffield

If you're a vegetarian or just like eating out at places providing excellent veggie options, then check out this short video made by three current BMS students, Rebecca, Sophia and Kaitlyn,…

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