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Research Software Engineering at Sheffield

Recorded from our live session on Information about Research Software Engineering at Sheffield. Learn about why Research Software Engineering is important. Find out about how you can embed Research…

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Postgraduate degrees in the Department of Computer Science

Live session delivered 24th February 2021.

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LunchBytes #3 Accelerated Machine Learning (2020-12-09)

Contents: Scalable ML in the Cloud - First Steps on MS Azure Phil Tooley, HPC Analyst, NAG For new users the cloud can be a complex and overwhelming environment, even for experienced users of…

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Computer Science MSc programmes for 2020 entry

Dr Mark Hepple shares further information about Learning & Teaching for MSc degrees in the Department of Computer Science starting in October 2020.

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Artificial Intelligence and the Deep Learning Revolution

The field of Artificial Intelligence is currently being revolutionised by a technique known as "deep learning". This lecture will trace the origins of deep learning back to pioneering work…

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The Department of Computer Science - PGT options

For the Department Computer Science, Dr Mark Hepple will provide further insight into the Postgraduate, Masters degrees (MSc) you have selected to study, covering details of the teaching and…

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Cognitive Robotics

Professor Tony Prescott, Professor of Cognitive Robotics in the Department of Computer Science and Director of Sheffield Robotics provides an introduction to Cognitive Robotics.

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Machine Learning Practical & Intro to Google Colab

Dr Carol Scarton and Dr Mike Smith deliver a Machine Learning Practical and Introduction to Google Colab.

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Security and Privacy Basics

Elif Kavun and Nesrine Kaaniche deliver a session on Security and Privacy: Basics.

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Introduction & Machine Learning Session

Dr Carol Scarton and Dr Mike Smith provide an overview of the forthcoming sessions and then introduce the area of Machine Learning.

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Introduction to Computer Science Headstart

Professor Guy Brown, Head of the Department of Computer Science provides an introduction.

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Computer Science - Robotics Assignment

Our students (working in groups of 3 or 4) had to develop a robot to solve a "Navigation, Search and Approach" challenge. This was done using the open source robot simulator Webots. The…

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“Je ne comprends pas”, but I can still speak to you

Wai Man Ng, Computer Science. Up until now, we have faced an obstacle in communicating between people who speak different languages. However, with the recent advancement of machine learning, this…

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Citizen Science, Crowdsourcing and the Internet of Things: towards a healthier, cleaner and safer city

Stuart Wrigley, Computer Science. This research is focussed on technology and crowdsourcing and how this can improve the lives of local citizens. The development of ‘Citizen…

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How data is changing the way we live

Data experts Ted Dunning and Ellen Friedman visited the University to talk about the future of big data, real time analytics and best practice for planning large-scale computing projects. Over the…

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