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BA Profile_Jessica Bradley_final

In this short film I introduce my teaching in the School of Education and my research interests.

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Harriet Cameron EDU206 - Module Choice

Harriet Cameron - BA ECC

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Working with Disabled Children and Young People

With our new understanding of the different models associated with disability, we’ll now meet Helen Woolley and Dr. Pippa Murray. Working as academics and practitioners they highlight some of…

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Play, Disability and the Outdoor Environment

In this video we will discover how organisations in Sheffield are providing safe spaces for disabled children to connect with nature. The first part of this video takes place at the Blooming Autism…

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What Does Blindness Mean for Play?

In this video we meet Dr Rod Michalko from the University of Toronto, Canada, who will tell us a story which asks us to think about what blindness means to a blind child and their experience of play.

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Young People, Social Media, Friendship and Identity

In this video, Dr. Julia Davies of the School of Education at the University of Sheffield reflects on the findings of her research on young people’s use of social media, including Facebook, and…

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Second Life and Disability

Sheila Yoshikawa discusses how Second Life has created a hospitable environment for people with disabilities. She talks with Alice Krueger, President of Virtual Ability Inc. and founder of Virtual…

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Education and Networking in Virtual Worlds

Sheila Yoshikawa, in the virtual world of Second Life, interviews Stylianos Mystakidis, Learning Innovator, Library of the University of Patras, Greece, and Beth O’Connell, a school librarian…

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Welcome to a Virtual World

In this video, Sheila Webber, a Senior Lecturer in the Information School at the University of Sheffield, introduces her avatar, Sheila Yoshikawa. From within Second Life, Sheila explains what a…

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Our Blended Information World

Nowadays, our information world has expanded. People are getting information through all sorts of channels including the games they play. Sheila Yoshikawa uses examples from the physical and digital…

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The Diversity of Social Play in a Minecraft Club

In this video, Chris Bailey describes his work involving a Minecraft club at a primary school where he was formerly a teacher. Now a PhD student in the Faculty of Development and Society at Sheffield…

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Types of Play in Virtual Worlds

Sheila Yoshikawa, in the virtual world of Second Life, provides a whirlwind tour of virtual play. This ranges from funfairs to thoughtful ‘play’ and re-creations which help people come to…

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Students Explore

In this video, filmed at Ponderosa Park in Sheffield, Daniel Raven-Ellison from Mission:Explore challenges three students with ‘missions’ that involve playful forms of learning. Iain, Ben…

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Skating at Devonshire Green

In this video Nathan Black, a local skateboarder, takes us through his experience of skating in city centre spaces in Sheffield. Nathan discusses having been moved on over the years and the places…

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Intergenerational Encounters...Environments

This interview, conducted by Dr. Lisa Procter with Dr. Dylan Yamada-Rice, Lecturer in Early Childhood Education, explores the benefits of intergenerational play. They discuss how spaces can support…

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To Understand Play We Need to be Playful

Professor Richard Phillips interviews ‘guerilla geographer’ Daniel Raven-Ellison about playful ways of learning. Daniel is co-author of the Mission:Explore series of exploration books and…

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