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Visiting the home of Pride and Prejudice - Chatsworth House

MA English Literature student Lucinda Weston gives A-level students an interactive tour of Chatsworth House and its grounds. Chatsworth is said to be an inspiration for Jane Austen's novel…

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Ade Solanke in profile

We spoke with School of English alumna Ade Solanke about her career as a writer and lecturer.

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Revealed: Chatsworth's servants over the centuries

Three PhD students from the School of English have had unprecedented access to previously unseen archives at Chatsworth House for the first time. The findings have revealed fascinating new insights…

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Our Graduates: Claire Roper

Claire Roper graduated in 2012 with a BA (Hons) in English Language and Linguistics. She currently works as a HR Business Partner at OVO Energy.

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Our Graduates: Jodie Cook

Jodie Cook graduated in 2010 with a BA in Business Management. She now runs her own social media company, JC Social Media.

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'The Hole in the Road' by Adrian Scott

The Hole in the Road is a short poem by Adrian Scott - PhD candidate in the School of English at the University of Sheffield. Adrian is a poet based in Sheffield, and helped contribute to the Virtual…

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Material Stories of Migration

A creative project on migration coordinated by Dr Veronica Barnsley and Dr Shirin Teifouri. Material Stories enables refugees and migrants from diverse backgrounds to explore their experiences of…

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“You’ve Been Reading Too Many Idiotic Trashy Books!”: Why Read Harlequin Mills & Boon Romances?

Val Derbyshire, School of English. Harlequin Mills & Boon Romances have long been the black sheep of the literary world. And yet, from a commercial point of view, Mills & Boon romances remain…

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Writing New Forms of Sincerity

Daniel Southward, School of English. This talk explores the ideas of post-irony (switching between ironic and sincere behaviour or language) and how this is influencing everything from adverts to…

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How Accents Interact with Ethnicity and Identity, Geography and Mobility

Chen Shen, School of English. We speak one same language to make communication possible, but we all speak it with accents to make our speech more informative and fun! English, as a global language,…

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Poetry on Trial: The Prosecution of James Montgomery

Adam Smith, School of English. During the early decades of the nineteenth century James Montgomery cemented his reputation as one of Sheffield’s most enduring legends. A poet, bookseller,…

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The Technology of Body Building

Fabienne Collignon is lecturer in Contemporary Literature, School of English, University of Sheffield. Her talk explores ideas around 'The Technology of Body Building'. Intrigued? You…

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Kestrels, Coal Mines and a Nuclear Apocalypse: Reading and Watching South Yorkshire

David Forrest is a lecturer of Film Studies in the School of English. This talk was given on 27th March 2014. This talk showcases the work of Barry Hines, a Barnsley writer whose archive is held in…

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