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10 billion: Research project: 'The Longer Story, the Bigger Picture'

'The Longer Story, the Bigger Picture' is a research project about the ways in which contemporary artists from the French-speaking world have sought to challenge influential media…

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Can we afford to help?

Can the UK afford to help the refugees coming to Europe from Syria and other countries in the Middle East? Or would this strain the resources of the country? James Lewis, PhD candidate at…

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Are they really refugees?

Are the people we see on the news, trying to cross borders or seeking asylum in the UK really refugees? Or do they just want to find better jobs and living conditions? Are they really desperate for…

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Is the City of Sanctuary movement undemocratic?

The aim of the City of Sanctuary movement is to foster a culture of hospitality for people seeking safety in the United Kingdom, especially refugees fleeing war, religious persecution, and ethnic…

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Material Stories of Migration

A creative project on migration coordinated by Dr Veronica Barnsley and Dr Shirin Teifouri. Material Stories enables refugees and migrants from diverse backgrounds to explore their experiences of…

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Why has migration become such a contentious issue in Europe?

Ronald Van Kempen is a Professor of Urban Geography at the Faculty of Geosciences of Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Here, he offers his views on how academics can assist with the worldwide…

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How easy is it for migrants to integrate in the UK?

Comment from Madeleine Sumption, who is Director of the Migration Observatory at the University of Oxford. The Migration Observatory provides impartial, independent, authoritative, evidence-based…

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The Migration Debate in Sub-Saharan Africa

Dr Oliver Bakewell offers a brief insight into the migration debate in Sub-Saharan Africa at the governance level.

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When policy meets grassroots community resistance; the case of dispersal policy in Glasgow

Dr Teresa Piacentini is Teacher in Sociology at the University of Glasgow. Teresa's research focuses on the broad area of migration studies.

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What are the benefits of a multi-cultural city?

Abdi-aziz Sulieman came to the UK and to Sheffield as a child as an asylum seeker from Somalia. As President of our Students' Union (2012-2013) he co-founded our #WeAreInternational campaign…

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Sheffield Speaks' Public Debate on Migration

Sheffield Speaks: In an age of mobility and migration: what sort of city do we aspire to be? Filmed live at the Cutlers Hall in Sheffield, this debate includes discussions on how Sheffield fits into…

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Decentralized refugee accommodation in German localities and changing geographies of support.

Sophie Hinger is a Scientific Associate at the Department of Geography at University of Osnabruck, Germany. Sophie is a researcher at the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies.

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Contracts, cuts and contacts: changing geographies of support within the UK asylum dispersal programme

Talk from Dr Jonathan Darling, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Manchester. Jonathan is running an ESRC funded project, exploring the experiences of the asylum dispersal and…

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Introduction to Dr Oliver Bakewell by Dr Paula Meth

Dr Paula Meth describes some of the research being done at the University of Sheffield in the area of migration, before introducing Dr Oliver Bakewell.

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Welcoming cities? Balancing rights and responsibilities towards asylum seekers at the local level

Dr Ilse van Liempt works as an Assistant Professor in Qualitative Research Methods in the Human Geography Department, Utrecht University, Netherlands. Ilse's research interests are centred…

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Charles Clarke: Good Governance and good values

Good Governance and good values: building partnerships for confident communities. The Rt Hon Charles Clarke was MP for Norwich South from 1997 to 2010, most notably being Secretary of State for…

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