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Creating Hope: A Choir Concert | Festival of the Mind 2020

Creating Hope: A Choir Concert | Festival of the Mind 2020

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Children's Use of Technology and Apps - Jackie Marsh

Professor Jackie Marsh talks about her study in collaboration with CBeebies looking at young children's play and creativity when using tablets and apps.

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Family Pop-up Maker Spaces - Jackie Marsh

Getting creative with our experts! Jackie Marsh is Professor of Education at the University of Sheffield, her maker spaces feature a virtual reality exhibition, 3D printing and lots of maker kits for…

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Maker Spaces in Early Childhood Education - Jackie Marsh

Looking at Jackie's work on - a project exploring ‘maker culture' in the development of children’s digital literacy and creative design skills.

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Experience Castlegate

Experience Castlegate

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What is the Sound of Science?

The Sound of Science - the flagship event from the 2018 Festival of the Mind at The University of Sheffield - is a unique combination of music, performance and science, that explores some of the most…

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A Space for Sharing

Space for Sharing: Researching online sharing by people in extreme circumstances. Commissioned for Festival of the Mind 2016, Sheffield theatre company Dead Earnest present a performance based on…

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Structural Colour

During 2016 Paul Evans was artist in residence within the Department of Physics at the University of Sheffield. Paul worked with Professor Richard Jones and his research team, studying structural…

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'The Hole in the Road' by Adrian Scott

The Hole in the Road is a short poem by Adrian Scott - PhD candidate in the School of English at the University of Sheffield. Adrian is a poet based in Sheffield, and helped contribute to the Virtual…

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Memories in the Digital Age: Project, Project and Preserve

Our DVDs and hard drives won’t last forever.Or even for as long as a reel of celluloid film. As we live through a period of rapid technological change, how can we make sure our memories are…

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In a Dark Wood: Words and Images of Mental Distress Across a Century

Sheffield photographer Andy Brown, explains this unique exhibition that draws on archive photography, to chart changing attitudes towards mental distress. The anonymised pictures, discovered in the…

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The Birth of Hip Hop

In September 2014, a giant mural appeared on South View Road in Sheffield. Commissioned as part of Festival of the Mind 2014, Dr Katie Edwards and Kid Acne collaborated to create this striking piece…

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Food Footprints at Bank Street Arts

As part of" Festival of the Mind 2016, artists and makers from the""Art House respond to…

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Dancing With Robots

Sheffield Robotics study the way humans work in order to make better robots. Visitors to the Futurecade during Festival of the Mind had the chance to interact with Nao, our dancing robots. Watch to…

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Love Hurts

Professor Mike Siva-Jothyon bizarre and sometimes harmful mating behaviour.

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Happy Sheffield

How can we find out the mood of a city? The #HappySheffield project measures happiness (and 7 other emotional states) by analysing the tweets of twitter users in Sheffield. Find out how we did it,…

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