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Things are going downhill fast: Understanding massive landslides, by Professor Dave Petley, Vice-President for Research and Innovation

Please note, due to technical issues on the night, this video is of Professor Petley's slides, with his voice accompanying them, rather than a direct video of him speaking at the lecturn. There…

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New Zealand Movie

A short film by student Jordan Ivey about his experience on the New Zealand field class last summer.

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The 11th Roberts Lecture. 'What next for cities and the Northern Powerhouse?' by Lord Jim O'Neill

On 24th February 2016, Lord O'Neill delivered our 11th Roberts Lecture, entitled 'What next for cities and the Northern Powerhouse?' Lord O’Neill, who is championing the…

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Coastal Processes Field Class

An integral part of the Coastal Processes module, which is available at Level 3, is a weekend field class. Students get the opportunity to go out to the coast and perform a number of exercises, which…

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Time for Geography Promo

Discover studying Geography at the University of Sheffield.

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Headstart Summer School

This week, the Department of Geography hosted the first Headstart summer school for Environmental Sciences and Geography. Year 12 students from all over the UK had an opportunity to attend lectures,…

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Alumni Speed Networking 2018

The Department of Geography welcomed nine alumni back to the department to take part in a ‘speed networking’ event for undergraduate students. Geography and Environmental Science…

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Geography staff win Teaching Awards

Tom Pering and Luke Temple both won Teaching Excellence in Social Sciences Awards for Outstanding Practice in Learning and Teaching. In this video they discuss their style of teaching, how they…

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Inspirational Academics - Andrew McGonigle

Dr Andrew McGonigle is working to develop tools that will help over half a billion people around the world living near volcanoes. Here he talks about what inspires him, what makes an inspirational…

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Student Experience Module GEO381

We interviewed 2 students who had undertaken a Creative Media section during their GEO381 module. The students were set the following media assignment. Produce a media piece of up to 5 minutes that…

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Why has migration become such a contentious issue in Europe?

Ronald Van Kempen is a Professor of Urban Geography at the Faculty of Geosciences of Utrecht University, the Netherlands. Here, he offers his views on how academics can assist with the worldwide…

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Decentralized refugee accommodation in German localities and changing geographies of support.

Sophie Hinger is a Scientific Associate at the Department of Geography at University of Osnabruck, Germany. Sophie is a researcher at the Institute for Migration Research and Intercultural Studies.

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Contracts, cuts and contacts: changing geographies of support within the UK asylum dispersal programme

Talk from Dr Jonathan Darling, Senior Lecturer in Human Geography at the University of Manchester. Jonathan is running an ESRC funded project, exploring the experiences of the asylum dispersal and…

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Welcoming cities? Balancing rights and responsibilities towards asylum seekers at the local level

Dr Ilse van Liempt works as an Assistant Professor in Qualitative Research Methods in the Human Geography Department, Utrecht University, Netherlands. Ilse's research interests are centred…

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Insect-Based Foods in Europe: Will They Ever Catch On?

Jonas House, Geography. In 2013 the United Nations published a report outlining the case for the use of insects as a sustainable source of protein for people in the West. Since then there has been an…

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Barbecued Sparrow, Anyone?

Megan Blake discusses her interest in urban food systems and how that lead her to slightly squeamish and very awkward encounter at a barbecue in Hong Kong.

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