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Creating Digital Communities through Creative Media 2023 Digital Artefact

The landscape in which we present, analyse and consume information is ever changing, this video outlines the role of Creative Media as an integral part of future proofing modules and creating further…

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Studying a Pre-sessional English course at The University of Sheffield

Learn from staff and students at the University of Sheffield's English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) about the benefits of joining a Pre-sessional English course before you begin your degree…

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LunchBytes Panel: Teaching Code

As code and software become an ever bigger part of research (its likely that around 1/3 of researchers write code), coding and other digital skills become ever more important to researchers. In this…

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Education Celebration Event: Opening keynotes and Q&A

Elevate hosted a celebratory education event on 29 June in the Diamond. The Theme for the event is ‘Translating the University's Vision for Education into action: enhancing the student…

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Learning with the Creative Media Service- Education Celebration Submission 2022

The Creative Media Service is a free media education department for the staff and students of the University of Sheffield. Training that the service provides aims to instil technical confidence in…

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Timing Active Learning - Jose Curiel-Sosa

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Artefact UoS Louise

Pandemic positives - using an in class question tool.

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University English - Introduction

An introduction to our University English course at the University of Sheffield's English Language Teaching Centre.

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Virtual Reality English Language Course - The University of Sheffield

Experience a new way to learn English with our Virtual Reality (VR) courses at The University of Sheffield's English Language Teaching Centre. Order food in a restaurant and feel like you…

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Introducing... Michelle Rawlins

After 25 years in the media, Michelle Rawlins became a journalism tutor, passing on her knowledge and skills to the next generation – and it's working out beautifully for her and them. In…

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Introducing... Matt Robson

Broadcast journalism tutor Matt Robson on what he loves about teaching, his old job with the BBC, the future of his profession, why he doesn't want to leave Sheffield, and why video editing is…

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iPGCE - MA ETL Programme Introduction

This is a detailed introduction to the iPGCE/MA ETL, for students interested in joining us.

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Introducing... Dr Dmitry Chernobrov

In the first of a new series introducing academic staff from the Department of Journalism Studies, Dr Dmitry Chernobrov discusses what he loves about teaching, why he joined the University of…

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Online Learning at the English Language Teaching Centre

We are leaders at the English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) in the field of online language learning; our latest BALEAP inspection described our Technology Enhanced Learning as…

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What are online university workshops like at university in 2020?

Third year Journalism student Alice vlogs her online video editing workshop and gives her thoughts on online teaching and learning. We're currently offering a blended approach to learning and…

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Creating videos and animations for Research and Teaching

Animation is increasingly used as a complementary and effective way to communicate research and teach students. Whilst it might seem a bit daunting to try and make your own animations and videos,…

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