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C-PDO #7 Continuing Professional Development Online - Kaltura Capture

About this presentationKaltura Capture for video recording and editingDo you want to record educational videos as part of your teaching. These might be guides or explainers for specific concepts? Or…

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Kaltura Capture: install, record and upload

This video will show you how to create a video using Kaltura Capture: an easy to use desktop application that allows you to record any combination of your screen, webcam and voice. Kaltura Capture…

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Student Guide to Kaltura Capture for Assessment

Student Guide to Kaltura Capture for Assessment

From  Sarah Peacock on January 14th, 2020 0 likes 700 plays 0  

Lecture Capture: Time travel for students

Hints and tips on using Lecture Capture to effectively support your studies.

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can can events

Motion Capture of the Can Can Dance

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Important news about Kaltura Capture replacing CaptureSpace

This is a quick demonstration of the new Kaltura Capture software that is replacing CaptureSpace. Please consult the web page below for more information …

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Shaping how students use lecture captures - an institutional approach

Inclusivity in learning and teaching is critical to allow students from a variety of backgrounds, with different strengths and support needs, to succeed in their studies. One way to approach this is…

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Digital Commons: Lecture Capture

In this session Ali Day (Students Union Education Officer), Matt Cornock (e-learning advisor from York University) and Dr Louise Robson (Department of Biomedical Sciences) shared their experiences of…

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Benefits of Lecture Capture Case Study

Academics share the benefits they have seen for both staff and students when using lecture capture technologies.

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Why you use Lecture Capture

The reasons why academics decided to use lecture capture as part of their teaching and learning practice.

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How I Use Lecture Capture

Description of how people use Lecture Capture in their teaching.

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Case Study - Louise Robson on Lecture Capture

Dr Louise Robson of the Department of Biomedical Science discusses the benefits of lecture capture, for students.

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