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Digital consistency, coherence in a Programme Level Approach

The central tenets of the Programme Level Approach (PLA) require staff to 1) take a team approach, 2) articulate programme aims clearly, 3) engage students, 4) provide quality assessment &…

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Closing Keynote: "What I've learnt about teaching online from five years working at FutureLearn".

Nigel Smith is Managing Director, Courses & Learning at FutureLearn. As a key member of the senior team since March 2014, Nigel and his team are responsible for working with the company’s…

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Assessing from a distance - using technology to support remote online exams

The use of computer-based exams (CBE) is becoming increasingly popular in Higher Education. Research has shown that grades achieved in computer-based exams are comparable or better than paper-based…

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Considering appropriate assessment and a programme-level-approach when teaching methods in Geography and the Social Sciences

The learning of research methodology and skills is an integral part of a degree in the Social Sciences. Unfortunately, engaging students in methods modules can be challenging, particularly with mixed…

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Recordings - Resources for Revision or Unlimited Access?

This session will consider the virtues of new lecture recording technologies now available in HE and will explore how extensively this is currently being used in the sector and to what effect. A…

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Recording hand drawn demonstration, before and during class

Work has been underway at the University of Sheffield during the past academic year to develop two novel approaches for recording hand drawn demonstration. This session will share findings from both…

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The TELencephalon and more - videos for human brain anatomy

In the Medical Teaching Unit (MTU), human brain anatomy is taught via practical dissection to a very large numbers of students. Annually, within the Medical School alone, this includes 256 medical…

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Using animation to enhance engagement

As part of an engineering drawing and Computer-Aided Design (CAD) course for approximately 400 first year engineering students, I produced a series of explanatory videos using the Adobe suite,…

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Creating social learning experiences using XR technologies

Discover the power of Extended Reality (XR) Technologies with this short presentation from WondaVR.

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An Introduction to TurningPoint

An Introduction to TurningPoint: the flexible audience response and engagement tool available to all members of staff at The University of Sheffield.

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Enhancing students information and digital literacy skills using Google Sites for portfolio submission

In recent years the Modern Languages Teaching Centre (MLTC) at the University of Sheffield saw a sharp increase in student numbers mounting up to 1,600 registrations per year. The higher student…

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Using PebblePad for Higher Level Degree Apprenticeships

This session will look at how PebblePad has been utilised to help both staff and students document, track progress, and complete a higher level degree apprenticeship. We will look at how the students…

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"We're still here" - using reflective nudges in online learning for reflection, collaboration, and currency

For three years, the iPGCE at the School of Education has employed "Reflective Nudges". A "Nudge" can be an article, a specific activity or section of programme materials, a…

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Would I TEL A Lie To You?

TELFest Gameshow: Would I TEL A Lie To You?‘Would I TEL a Lie to You?’ is a specially adapted gameshow for TELFest, continuing a tradition that in previous years has seen versions of…

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Shaping how students use lecture captures - an institutional approach

Inclusivity in learning and teaching is critical to allow students from a variety of backgrounds, with different strengths and support needs, to succeed in their studies. One way to approach this is…

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Online Policy Simulation

Simulation is used frequently in ‘hard sciences’ such as medicine to learn about concepts and ways of working that are better appreciated through experiential learning and thus difficult…

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