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Getting Started with: Tascam DR-40

The Tascam DR-40 is an extremely versatile, portable, field recorder. Two on-board microphones at the top of the recorder capture great stereo sound, but the recorder's real strength lies in…

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Getting Started with: Sennheiser XSW

The Sennheiser XSW is a simple 'plug and play' wireless microphone, consisting of a wireless transmitter and receiver. It's easy to use and great for capturing crystal clear dialogue.…

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Active learning: engaging and supporting the new generation of student learners

This session from Gareth Bramley & Kate Campbell-Pilling from the University of Sheffield focuses on the use of technology to ensure active and engaging learning for students. Specifically, the…

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Audio Feedback: Students’ and Tutors’ Perspectives

Giving effective feedback is a constant challenge for educators, and it is important to develop methods that students find useful and engaging. TurnItIn’s feedback studio allows markers to…

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Using the Audio Feedback tool in Turnitin

This video will guide you through the use of the Audio Feedback tool within Turnitin Feedback Studio. The tool allows you to give up to 3 minutes of audio alongside a students submission.

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Top Tips: Audio Production Techniques

Learn about the different techniques you can use to record some top quality audio! View more of our videos on our Creative Media Channel in Kaltura.

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Adobe Audition: Recording a single voiceover

This video shows how to get started with recording a simple single voiceover in the media booth using Abode Audition

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Getting Started with Audio Technology

This video looks into the pros & cons of the different equipment & facilities we have available to loan.

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