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Editing Top Tips - Synchronising Audio

Sometimes you may need to record audio from a device that is not connected to the camera, this may be the case if you need to record a lecture where the camera is far away from the audio source, or…

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Media Booth Guide - Recording a two person podcast or Interview

How to use the media booths to record a high quality 2 person podcast or interview

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Presenting Information with Adobe Character Animator

Using Adobe Character Animator this video will show you how to create a presentation in which an animated puppet speaks your lines alongside your slides. This is particularly useful for those…

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Quick Start Guide: RODELINK Wireless Filmmakers Kit

Interview subjects and record the audio without wires, using the Rodelink Filmmakers kit. Contains a Transmitter, Receiver and Lav mic.

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Setting an External Microphone in Adobe Audition

Quickly change the microphone settings in Adobe Audition so that you can record with a higher quality external microphone - such as our Rode USB mics.

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Audio Production Techniques - Background Noise

Being aware of background noise is very important in Audio production. This video explains what to watch out for and how you can create your own background noise.

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Audio Production Techniques - Using Your Phone to Record Audio

How to get the best quality audio out of your phone recordings. Book out one of our mobile video kits from Connect2 to further improve the audio quality.

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Podcasting Virtually Part 3 - Editing in Multitrack

In this video we look at editing your audio for your podcast using Adobe Audition. It is worth looking at the other Adobe Audition videos to give you a good idea of how the programme works.

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