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The Perfect Way to Share a Cake

Dr Eugenia Cheng shows how sibling negotiations and egalitarian sharing can be achieved using the Steinhaus cake cutting problem.

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The Perfect Stack of Maltesers

Dr Eugenia Cheng show us the well known "sphere packing problem", and in doing so helps us answer the important question - how many Maltesers can you pack in your mouth?

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The Perfect Mobius Bagel

Dr Eugenia Cheng explores the mathematical concept of the Möbius band in pursuit of creating an infinite bagel with cream cheese and salmon....

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The Perfect Puff Pastry

Dr Eugenia Cheng shows how a mathematical progression can transform three sheets of shortcrust into the perfect puff pastry...

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The Perfect Glass of Wine

What better way to complete our mathematical menu than with the perfect glass of wine....? Cheers Eugenia!

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The Perfect Battenburg Cake

The paradox of turning your mattress over to ensure even wear from your pillow and cooking Battenberg cakes are linked by matrices - find out how.....

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The Perfect Cream Tea

Mathematical proof that clotted cream is better than whipped cream for putting on those scones....

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Happy Pi Day!

Dr Eugenia Cheng celebrates pi (π) day with some delightful pie!

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