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Bright Minds - Food Sustainability

Introduced by Professor Duncan Cameron, co-director of our Institute for Sustainable Food, join Mary Eliza for her talk on 'Can we solve global warming, acid rain and smog all at once?'.

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USA Webinar with Tony Ryan - December 2020

Will you join the discussion on how we can create a more sustainable future? During the webinar you'll learn how your University has developed techniques to grow plants using synthetic soils,…

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Megan Blake research interests and current projects

Research profile

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Food Ladders Explainer

In this video I describe the Food Ladders framework for building community resilience and reducing food insecurity. The slides are available in the attachments.

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Food Insecurity Explainer

Defining food insecurity, links to different approaches e.g., science v. social science, linear v systems approach. If you hover your mouse over the video and click the double arrows, you can make…

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Institute for Sustainable Food webinar - July 2020

The empty shelves of early days of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted key flaws in our food supply chains.But simply growing more food is not the solution - there is a bigger issue at play according…

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Urban Horticulture - Dr Jill Edmondson

Urban land could grow fruit and veg for 15 per cent of the population, research showsUniversity of Sheffield experts map land suitable for growing fruit and veg in the city Available space could…

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The Sound of Science - teaser

The Sound of Science - the flagship event from the 2018 Festival of the Mind at The University of Sheffield - is a unique combination of music, performance and science, that explores some of the most…

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10 billion: Research project: Drones, data and food security

Weeds represent a serious threat to global food security, contributing to significant losses in crop yields.In this video, Professor Robert Freckleton from the Department of Animal and Plant Sciences…

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How Are National Dietary Guidelines Researched and Set?

n this video, Professor Hilary Powers explains how national dietary guidelines are researched and set. Hilary is a member of the Scientific Advisory Committee on Nutrition (SACN), that advises Public…

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Understanding Nutrition Information on Food Packaging

Packaged foods can come with a bewildering amount of information on the packaging, and sometimes it can be difficult to tell what you’re getting. In this video, Peter explains the regulations…

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What Happens to the Food We Eat?

The nutrients that we need to strengthen muscle, maintain stable joints and keep bones strong are all contained within the food we eat. But these nutrients often occur in complex forms which are not…

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In conversation with Professors Colin Renfrew and John Barrett part 4

John introduces the concept of cognitive archaeology and asks Colin what sort of information do cognitive archaeologists need to develop their thinking?

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Barbecued Sparrow, Anyone?

Megan Blake discusses her interest in urban food systems and how that lead her to slightly squeamish and very awkward encounter at a barbecue in Hong Kong.

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The Perfect Way to Share a Cake

Dr Eugenia Cheng shows how sibling negotiations and egalitarian sharing can be achieved using the Steinhaus cake cutting problem.

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The Perfect Stack of Maltesers

Dr Eugenia Cheng show us the well known "sphere packing problem", and in doing so helps us answer the important question - how many Maltesers can you pack in your mouth?

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