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Delaying the diseases of old age

By 2050, the number of people over 60 years old is expected to reach two billion worldwide. For many, a longer life will mean more years of chronic disease such as arthritis, type 2 diabetes, cancer…

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MSc(Res) Translational Oncology, University of Sheffield

An introduction to the MSc(Res) in Translational Oncology, here at the University of Sheffield, by the course director, Dr Carolyn Staton, and students on the course. For more details about the…

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Understanding Nutrition Information on Food Packaging

Packaged foods can come with a bewildering amount of information on the packaging, and sometimes it can be difficult to tell what you’re getting. In this video, Peter explains the regulations…

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What Happens to the Food We Eat?

The nutrients that we need to strengthen muscle, maintain stable joints and keep bones strong are all contained within the food we eat. But these nutrients often occur in complex forms which are not…

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Sperm, Germs & Babies: How do Common Infections Affect Male Fertility and Reproductive Potential?

Katrina Williams, Human Metabolism. One in seven couples experience problems conceiving a child, which is due to an equal proportion of problems with male and female fertility. Infertile men produce…

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The Immortal Woman - Jess Warrington, Department of Oncology & Metabolism

Jess Warrington, a cancer researcher from Department of Oncology & Metabolism shares the story of Henrietta Lacks, and her unique 'immortal cells'.

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Barrenness Amidst Plenty - Ada Achinanya, Department of Oncolgy & Metabolism

Ada is studying Reproductive and Developmental Medicine, and shares the startling differences between infertility treatments in Nigeria and the UK. Ada describes her personal motivation for studying…

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