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What happens in the mechanical testing lab?

Gaining an appreciation of mechanical testing techniques is key to having a better understanding of engineering as a discipline. Learn about the three different testing techniques the students will…

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Material change 13 Dec 2017

Image shows a typical material type that can be applied to the part surface. Textures can also be applied.

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Studying material culture for historians

Studying material culture for historians - in this video we give an overview of why historians study physical artefacts from the past, and what we can learn from these in addition to more traditional…

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Material Stories of Migration

A creative project on migration coordinated by Dr Veronica Barnsley and Dr Shirin Teifouri. Material Stories enables refugees and migrants from diverse backgrounds to explore their experiences of…

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In conversation with Professors Colin Renfrew and John Barrett part 4

John introduces the concept of cognitive archaeology and asks Colin what sort of information do cognitive archaeologists need to develop their thinking?

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