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The Boardroom 2022 Session 7: Marketing Masterclass

Usama Al-Qassab will give you a unique insight into the marketing strategy at Disney. Find out about his career path, what different opportunities came along and how he ended up at Disney. Usama will…

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BA Digital Media & Society themed routes

The BA Digital Media and Society team at the University of Sheffield introduce you to the themed routes you can choose to take through the programme, in either Education, Marketing and Consumer…

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PGT Marketing programmes | Sheffield University Management School

Dr Ranis Cheng, Lecturer in Marketing, introduces our master-level marketing programmes.

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The University of Sheffield Korea Video 2018 Entry

This is a video commissioned by Hannah Stelman, Regional Manager for Korea at Sheffield to showcase the University of Sheffield to prospective students from Korea. The video features current students…

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Anna Dutton Discovery session 21st June 2017 - trimmed audio source

Anna Dutton Discovery session 21st June 2017 - trimmed audio source A session to look at strategies for how we use our hub, and what the key stakeholders needs are

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In conversation with Professors Colin Renfrew and John Barrett part 4

John introduces the concept of cognitive archaeology and asks Colin what sort of information do cognitive archaeologists need to develop their thinking?

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