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Creating Digital Communities through Creative Media 2023 Digital Artefact

The landscape in which we present, analyse and consume information is ever changing, this video outlines the role of Creative Media as an integral part of future proofing modules and creating further…

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LunchBytes: from eyes to apps

Our speaker this month was Dr Ilse Daly who told us about her journey from vision scientist to start-up founder at her company Blackdog Biomechanics.I’ve had a varied academic career, going…

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Wooclap: create and run an interactive classroom event

Find out how to create a Wooclap event via, including how to create questions and add presentation slides, then how to launch and run the event itself. Additionally, find out how to…

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Education Celebration Event: Opening keynotes and Q&A

Elevate hosted a celebratory education event on 29 June in the Diamond. The Theme for the event is ‘Translating the University's Vision for Education into action: enhancing the student…

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Learning with the Creative Media Service- Education Celebration Submission 2022

The Creative Media Service is a free media education department for the staff and students of the University of Sheffield. Training that the service provides aims to instil technical confidence in…

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Timing Active Learning - Jose Curiel-Sosa

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Artefact UoS Louise

Pandemic positives - using an in class question tool.

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Blackboard Tests and Pools: an overview

This video will give you an overview of the process of setting up a Blackboard test, including a breakdown of the different available workflows (tests and pools), and advice on which one may best…

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Lunch bytes #8: Challenges in Deploying Machine Learning

An event hosted by the Sheffield RSE team on 12th May 2021, featuring a talk by Andrei Paleyes + Q&A about "Challenges in Deploying Machine Learning, or What is rarely talked about at ML…

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Turnitin: interpreting your similarity report (students)

This video will show you how to access and interpret your similarity report for an assignment submitted to Turnitin.

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Kaltura Capture: install, record and upload

This video will show you how to create a video using Kaltura Capture: an easy to use desktop application that allows you to record any combination of your screen, webcam and voice. Kaltura Capture…

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ScHARR Mini Master Class in Health Research #8 Dr Liz Croot and guests - Doing Research with People with Learning Disabilities

People with learning disabilities have poorer health and shorter life expectancy, differences that are, to some degree, avoidable.About this EventPeople with learning disabilities have poorer health…

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iPGCE - MA ETL Programme Introduction

This is a detailed introduction to the iPGCE/MA ETL, for students interested in joining us.

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Managing your Wellbeing & Learning During Times of a Pandemic

FAH Wellbeing Webinar

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Yanhui - Studying remotely at the University of Sheffield (Mandarin)

With international travel being a bigger challenge than normal, not all of our students could make it to campus for the start of their degrees. In this film, first year maths student Yanhui Feng…

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Online Learning at the English Language Teaching Centre

We are leaders at the English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) in the field of online language learning; our latest BALEAP inspection described our Technology Enhanced Learning as…

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