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Rise Scheme

Find out from graduates their experiences on the Rise scheme

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Anita Hamlin, Museums Sheffield - Northern City Connections 2020 - Workshop 1

Anita Hamlin (BA Social History 1994), talks about her role as Learning & Participation Coordinator with Museums Sheffield, and her career journey to reach it. Part of the Northern City…

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Matt Naylor, HSBC - Northern City Connections 2020 - Workshop 2

Matt Naylor (BA Social and Political Studies 1995), talks about his role as Network Change Regional Lead with HSBC, and his career journey to reach it. Part of the Northern City Connections event…

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Sheffield Supporters

A message for everyone who's supported Sheffield throughout 2019/20.

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The Boardroom - Sheffield Alumni Masterclasses

Meet the globally leading Sheffield alumni who led the Boardroom masterclasses.

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The Boardroom - Steve Oliver

Steve is the Co-founder and Group Chief Executive of Music Magpie, starting in 2007 in his Stockport garage as a service that enabled users to trade-in their old CDs, DVDs and games. The company has…

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The Boardroom - Ram Hadji

Ram Hadji is an energetic entrepreneur, a branding and Digital Marketing Strategist, sports development consultant, an experienced marketing maven, and an initiative leader. He has proven success…

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The Boardroom - Andrew Law

Andrew is Chairman and CEO of Caxton Associates, a 37 year old global macro hedge fund. He attended state school in Manchester, and graduated from Sheffield University in 1987 with a First Class…

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The Boardroom - Women in the Boardroom (Panel Event)

Hear from three highly successful global leaders about their career journeys, overcoming the challenges of getting a seat in the male-dominated boardroom, top tips for success, and how men can also…

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The Graduate Guide

We have a community of over 180,000 graduates from the University of Sheffield based all around the world. In this video we introduce the Sheffield Alumni, explain who we are, and show you what we…

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Highlights from our Annual Alumni Reunion

Experience the Annual Alumni Reunion for yourself with our time-lapse highlight film, featuring all the best bits from the day. Every year, we welcome alumni back to the University for our Annual…

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Our Graduates - Joe Priestley (Subtitles)

Joe Priestley, a BA History and Archaeology graduate is exploring the link between mental and physical health and nature. Here he talks about how Sheffield helped him launch his career, his love of…

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Politics student experience

Student experience video including testimonials from 2018 politics graduates looking back at their time at Sheffield.

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Our Graduates - Doja Odunowo

Dona Odunowo, a University of Sheffield Engineering graduate is at the forefront of developing new technology with Huawei. Here she talks about her time at Sheffield, the amazing experiences…

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Our Graduates: Kimberley Lloyd-Rees

Our graduates are using their degrees to improve oral health across the world. Watch Dental Hygiene and Therapy graduate Kimberley Lloyd-Rees talk about her experiences as a Dental Hygienist and…

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Our Graduates: Victoria Wade

Victoria Wade graduated in 2012 with an MA in Landscape Architecture and is now an award winning Landscape Architect.

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