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Hien Video - Final

Hien Video - Final

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Learning with the Creative Media Service- Education Celebration Submission 2022

The Creative Media Service is a free media education department for the staff and students of the University of Sheffield. Training that the service provides aims to instil technical confidence in…

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Frequently asked questions: how did you make friends at university?

In today's video, some of our undergraduate students share just a few of the many ways that you can meet people when you join us at Sheffield University Management School and the University of…

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Frequently asked questions: study life edition

In this week's double bill, some of our current students tell us how many hours of teaching they have and also reflect on how university is different to A Levels.

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Frequently asked questions: what were you worried about before you started university?

This week, a few of our current students tell us about some of the things they were worried about before coming to university. We hope it's comforting to know that your worries are shared by…

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Varsity 2022 highlights

A highlight reel of Varsity 2022

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Insights into Linguistics for STEM students

This particular session will focus in on the scientific and mathematical sides of Linguistics. You will find out about what types of questions are asked in the study of theoretical and experimental…

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My Internship at a SME

Juliana has just completed a Summer internship at Roundabout; a SME (small to medium-sized enterprise) in Sheffield. She reflects on her responsibilities and professional development.

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MA Social Work information session

In the recording of a live session held for current undergraduate students at The University of Sheffield, Dr Joe Smeeton, Lecturer in Social Work, introduces the MA Social Work course and answers…

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SMI108 Assessment 1

SMI108 Assessment 1 - guidelines

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MA Digital Media and Society at The University of Sheffield

In this webinar, hosted on 1st April 2021, Dr Lukasz Szulc, Lecturer in Digital Media and Society, discusses the course structure of the groundbreaking MA Digital Media and Society programme at The…

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Bright Minds - Neuroscience

Introduced by Dr Heather Mortiboys, join Dr Simon Bell and Dr Tom Payne as they talk about their research into Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease. 'How can the brain's…

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Taster Lecture: Constructing the Perfect Self

Dr Hannah Ditchfield offers a taster lecture on Constructing the Perfect Self, and considers how the identity we offer online may differ from our offline identities.

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'My student experience' by Eliza Southall

BA Sociology graduate Eliza Southall shares her student experience at Sheffield and offers tips for new students.

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Mental Health at University - Sports Committee

Sports Committee have spoken out about their experiences with mental health, coping with those issues, and how you can reach out for support. You can access a range of mental health support and our…

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Power Of Sport

Students talk about the power of sport and the impact it has had on their time at the University of Sheffield.

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