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Energy Storage Technology

Researchers from the Department of Mechanical Engineering at the University of Sheffield are leading a consortium which is aiming to commercialise the use of new thermal energy storage technologies.…

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What are SAFs (Sustainable Aviation Fuels)?

Here's what SAFs (Sustainable Aviation Fuels) are and how they're made, as well the role the University of Sheffield's research and facilities play in furthering the advancement and…

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The Energy Institute - Work with us

At the Energy Institute, we understand the vital link between research and industry application. We are proud to work in collaboration with businesses ranging from small- and medium-sized enterprises…

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7b Introduction to Thermodynamics

Here I introduce the subject and talk about why it is both important and exciting. Enough already.

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Kid falling off bike in reverse

Youtube video which I reversed.

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Translational Energy Research Centre flythrough

The Translational Energy Research Centre (TERC) will form part of the University's newly launched Energy Institute, home to more than 300 academics. Researchers in the Energy Institute work with…

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9a The energy equation

Here I introduce the first law of thermodynamics by thinking about the types of energy that we will deal with. I then shpow that these are interchangeable. Finally, I deduce the energy equation.

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12c Nozzles and diffusers

This introduces nozzles and diffusers. We show that they exchange enthalpy and kinetic energy. We then look at the efficiency of them when dealing with real fluids.

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9b Four equations from one

Here I derive the four forms of the energy equation that we will use to solve different types of problem on this course. These are 1)For Closed Systems 2)For Steady Flow Thermal Systems 3)For…

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We are stardust

Carl Sagan famously said that we are made of starstuff, and that's absolutely right. But what did he mean by that? We asked Professor Simon Goodwin to explain.

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MSc Energy and Environment Engineering laboratory tour

Dr Mark Ogden takes you on a behind the scenes tour of the C10 Laboratory while you'll be studying here at Sheffield.

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10 billion: Research project: Co-producing energy futures

In this video, we’ll join researchers Dr Anna Krzywoszynska and Dr Alastair Buckley as they revisit Stocksbridge to talk to Barry and Beryl, two members of the local community who became…

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Harvesting energy from everyday devices

Ian Reaney, Professor of Functional Ceramics at The University of Sheffield describes how we can use piezoelectric, and thermoelectric materials to harvest energy from everyday activities. These is…

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