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10d Open Systems and the SFEE

Here I derive the steady flow energy equation for thermal systems. I show how it can be used for calculating the work in an adiabatic process using the gas laws.

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12e Throttle valves, enthalpy and entropy

We look at the throttle valve,, which is a constant enthalpy device. We see that it reduces pressure and increases the entropy of the flow. THen we compare the throttle to a turbine to get a better…

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12c Nozzles and diffusers

This introduces nozzles and diffusers. We show that they exchange enthalpy and kinetic energy. We then look at the efficiency of them when dealing with real fluids.

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12b Turbines and compressors and the second law

Here we learn about how to deal with both ideal and real turbines and compressors. Work and enthalpy are exchanged. The real case accounts for friction. Compressors require more energy to be put in…

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