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Methods for change 6 Nov 2020,

Methods for Change workshop slide FSS2020 Manchester. Research process for moving from research to impactful change

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Food Ladders Explainer

In this video I describe the Food Ladders framework for building community resilience and reducing food insecurity. The slides are available in the attachments.

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The Big 30 - What will you do?

Take part in The Big 30 - Do 30 things through the 30 days of June - in support of Parkinson's disease research at the University of Sheffield. …

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SSoA Live Projects 2019 - A Community Endeavour

SSoA Live Projects 2019 - A Community Endeavour

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Why I'm supporting the Sheffield Scanner - Wyn Morgan

Vice-President for Education, Professor Wyn Morgan, shares why he is so keen to take part in the Big Walk and support the Sheffield Scanner.

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Community Service: Interview with John Harding

Community Service by offenders, now called unpaid work, was an international first for England & Wales and was imitated by countries around the world. John Harding was the first senior…

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Community Justice Panels

In this video, we talk to Community Justice Team Coordinator Heather Bailey-Wright about Community Justice Panels in Sheffield. Heather explains the types of cases that are referred to these panels…

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Conflict, Community & A Heard of Cows

Join archaeologist Rachel Askew for a tale of Civil War shenanigans where Parliamentarians and Scottish mercenaries lay siege to the loyalist town of Newark, and enlist the support of a herd of…

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