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usic - Carboxylic acid and esters

week 8a organic - carboxylic acids and esters

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Cu-Catalysed Amination of Alkylboronic Esters

This video has been created to demonstrate how we carry out our method for the Cu-catalysed amination of alkylboronic esters with aliphatic amines. This includes some background to the area of…

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Bake Along with Rahul High Quality Export 20220121

The first instalment of our 2022 Webinar series kicks off with a bake along with Dr Rahul Mandal, Great British Bake Off winner - Season 9! Rahul will also be talking about the University’s…

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F_Che Week 1 overview

overview of the week and preparation for week 1

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F_Che module overview

overview of the blackboard page for F_Chemistry

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Studying online - F_Chemistry

overview to studying online

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The University of Sheffield - Chemistry Summer School - "Chemistry for a comfortable future" - Tuesday 3rd August 2021

A recording of the Chemistry Summer School from Tuesday 3rd August 2021.

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Metal-organic nanosheets: Programmable two-dimensional materials

Dr Jona Foster gives a talk on his research into metal-organic nanosheets as programmeable two-dimensional materials.

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Chemistry student talk - How to remove a turmeric stain

Chris discusses his "Kitchen in the Lab" project, which is part of the Skills for the Success third year module for Chemistry students.

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Antimicrobial resistance and host-pathogen interactions

Dr Claire Turner and Professor Jim Thomas give an overview of their work to combat antimicrobial resistance as part of the Science at Sheffield seminar series.

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Emily - Studying Chemistry

Emily, one of our Chemistry students, discusses her time studying in Sheffield.

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Chemistry - Peer assisted learning

Rebecca, one of our first year students, talks about Peer assisted learning and how it's helped her class this year.

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Chemistry - Postgraduate Open Day 2021

Recording from the 2021 Postgraduate open day.

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The Wily Virus and the Smarter City - Sheffield in America webinar

Sheffield in America Webinar - The Wily Virus and the Smarter City Chemistry alumnus Jurij Paraszczak draws on his research career with IBM to examine the commonalities between the organic-like…

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Yiyi - Studying MSc Polymers for Advanced Technologies (Mandarin)

Last year, as Yiyi Ju was finishing her masters course in polymer science, universities across the UK began teaching online to help keep their students safe. In this film, she explains how it felt to…

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smfBox - Single-molecule microscope

A team of scientists and students from the University of Sheffield has published the blueprints for a specialist single-molecule microscope they built for a tenth of the cost of commercially…

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