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Writer in Residence Workshop 2

Workshop 2 of 3 with writer in residence for the Faculty of Science Kerry Young on how to make the story of your writing come alive.

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Hidden history: Rebuilding Sheffield Castle

There's a castle underneath Sheffield, buried for four hundred years. So why does no-one know about it?Working from previously unexplored archives and making use of exciting new technologies,…

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Why Research Matters

Marcia Vera is incredibly passionate about her research but her family found it difficult to understand why she wanted to give up a successful career to pursue a PhD. In this talk, Marcia discusses…

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A Tale Of Two People In One City

How can the lives and experiences of two people, who live in the same city but have never met, help with research into life expectancy and quality of life for the elderly? Peter Bath from the…

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From Hunters to Farmers - The Origins of Agriculture

Alex Perez from Animal & Plant Sciences takes us back in time to a tale of when we were hunters, to demonstrate the importance of the development of agriculture on our lives.

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Ever wondered how you might have affected your parents?

We're all aware that parental behaviour will have a large determining effect on the personality of a child, but what about the effect of the child on the parent? Psychologist Simone Croft…

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Conflict, Community & A Heard of Cows

Join archaeologist Rachel Askew for a tale of Civil War shenanigans where Parliamentarians and Scottish mercenaries lay siege to the loyalist town of Newark, and enlist the support of a herd of…

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The Spix's Macaw & Me

The Spix's Macaw is one of the world's most endangered birds. Join Dr Nicola Hemmings as she takes us on a journey with what seems to be last Spix's Macaw in the wild.

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How The Blue Mussel Helps to Treat Parkinsons Disease- amazing lessons from nature

The blue mussel, Parkinsons Disease and a male catheter - not three things that you would instantly connect in your mind. However, chemist Charles Stirling is about to do just that with these three…

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Barbecued Sparrow, Anyone?

Megan Blake discusses her interest in urban food systems and how that lead her to slightly squeamish and very awkward encounter at a barbecue in Hong Kong.

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Connie's Big Day

Why do we keep doing things that we know are bad for us? Psychologist Aimee Hope illustrates our thought processes and self-justifications with the story of Connie who is faced with these dilemmas in…

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An Impossible Garden

An impossible garden from the 18th Century grows in the middle of Sheffield in 2014 - but why? Adam J Smith tells us in this fascinating story of homegrown medicines and herbal cures for diseases…

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Step in to my office

Biologist Mark Adams takes us on a journey to the Japanese jungle to count monkeys - but it's in his office where the science really happens...

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