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ScHARR Mini Master Class in Health Research 9 - Professor Steven Julious

AbstractClinical research is expensive. For this reason there is a design to undertake studies as efficiently as possible whilst maintaining scientific standards. This presentation will first define…

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ScHARR Mini MasterClass in Health Research #7 - Professor Stephen Walters - The ABCs of RCTs

The ABC of RCTs This talk will emphasise the importance of randomised clinical trials in evaluating alternative treatments or interventions. The rationale for, and methods of, randomising patients…

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Big CACTUS Final Result Video

This video is a summary of the results of the Big CACTUS study. For more information on this study, please visit:

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Simple Randomization

This video introduces the concept of randomization of treatments to patients using playing cards. It describes simple randomisation, which is the purest form of randomization

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Randomization in Cluster Trials

This video looks at randomization when the patients are grouped into clusters. Since the clusters tend to be relatively few, getting balance is generally more important than with simple randomization.

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This video looks at a different form of randomization, minimization. This method can be more efficient than stratification at ensuring balance in important predictive characteristics, but is not true…

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Introduction to Randomized Controlled Clinical Trials

This video introduces the three main concepts in Randomized Trials, the ABC: Allocation at random, Blindness and Control

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Blocked and Straified Randomization

This video looks two methods of trying to get a better balance between two groups namely blocked randomization and stratified randomization. Blocked randomisation tries to ensure that approximately…

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