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Sheffield Insights - KO Chia

Electronic & Electrical Engineering graduate, KO Chia, leads this online networking event, discussing Innovation, Entrepreneurship and how ‘The World is Your Oyster’.KO is the Deputy…

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Sheffield Insights - Chris Cheetham

Business and Economics graduate, Chris Cheetham discusses ‘Working abroad, changing careers and entrepreneurship.’Chris is the CEO of technology company NOEXIS, which builds software…

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The Boardroom - Sheffield Alumni Masterclasses

Meet the globally leading Sheffield alumni who led the Boardroom masterclasses.

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The Boardroom - Steve Oliver

Steve is the Co-founder and Group Chief Executive of Music Magpie, starting in 2007 in his Stockport garage as a service that enabled users to trade-in their old CDs, DVDs and games. The company has…

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The Boardroom - Ram Hadji

Ram Hadji is an energetic entrepreneur, a branding and Digital Marketing Strategist, sports development consultant, an experienced marketing maven, and an initiative leader. He has proven success…

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The Boardroom - Erin Collard

Erin is the Founder of Blend, a Digital Lending Platform is used by Wells Fargo, U.S. Bank, and over 250 other leading financial institutions. Erin has over a decade of deep financial and technology…

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Booking an appointment with the Careers Service

This short video explains why you should book an appointment with us, and how to go about doing it.

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Postgraduate Study in the Department of Music (Mandarin version)

Yiyun talks in Mandarin about her experience as an MA student in the Department of Music at the University of Sheffield. She explores what it's like to study a Masters degree and explains about…

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Quick Guide - Interviews

You’ve been offered an interview! Great! So how can you ensure you succeed? The Careers Service is here with another quick guide...

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Preparing for your viva voce

A quick guide to preparation for your PhD or other research degree viva voce.

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Our students' tips for exam and revision success

Exams can be a stressful time. Here's some advice from students who've been through it.

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