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About Kaltura Digital Media Hub

The Kaltura Digital Media Hub is a new portal for audio-visual material for the University. It is designed to be the primary location from which to deliver the University’s audio-visual media. All University staff will have an account on the portal, and will be able to upload, create and curate media items to share with colleagues or with the wider world.

Media can be published on the portal so that it is accessible by anyone, similar to YouTube. However it is also very easy to publish media that is only accessible to people within the University, to a small group of colleagues, such as in a research group or department, or even just keep privately to yourself.

There are two main components to the Kaltura Digital Media Hub - the component that exists within MOLE (restricted to University staff and students), and a standalone Digital Media Hub, which is a website that can be accessed by anyone. Both components are based on products by the Kaltura company, who are market leader in online video platforms.

Content can be created within the portal in exactly the same way as it can be within MOLE, including creating media with the CaptureSpace app, creating quizzes, harvesting content from YouTube, or by uploading media files you may have already created elsewhere.

Contact Support

For technical support with Kaltura Digital Media Hub please contact:

Introducing Kaltura at the University of Sheffield