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Forage, Virtual Work Experience Programmes

You can complete virtual work experience programmes with leading companies, in your own time and at your own pace. These experiences are developed by top graduate recruiters to mirror real-life work…

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Journalism students talk about their work placements

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic Sheffield's journalism undergraduates have enjoyed rewarding work experience placements, testing and extending their skills and providing a great addition to their…

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mySkills - your record of skills & personal development

What is mySkills?The mySkills portfolio is an innovative new way for you to assess, record, build and reflect on your own skills profile. Your profile and record of personal development will be…

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MA Social Work information session

In the recording of a live session held for current undergraduate students at The University of Sheffield, Dr Joe Smeeton, Lecturer in Social Work, introduces the MA Social Work course and answers…

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My work placement at Walt Disney

Alice Cipolat, BA Digital Media and Society student, is currently undertaking a year's work placement with Walt Disney, working as a Production and Operations Intern. Alice tells us all about…

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10c Closed system examples

Here I go through two examples of the first law of thermodynamics for closed systems. The first on e is a polutropic process where I calculte the final conditions and the heat and work. The second…

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13a Heat engines

Here I introduce the concept of the heat engine. I define the source and the sink. I then use the first and second laws of thermodynamics to derive the Carnot efficiency. I then point out that the…

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'Undergraduate study to postgraduate study at Sheffield' by Joe Shipman

Joe Shipman realised in his second year of BA Sociology study at the University of Sheffield that he wanted to launch a career in social work. After researching postgraduate courses in the subject,…

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Crowdmark: marking work and releasing grades

This video will show you how to access and grade your students’ submissions in Crowdmark, then release the marks to students once completed.

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Crowdmark: setting up an assignment

This video will show you how to set up a Crowdmark submission point in a Blackboard course, then edit the assignment settings within Crowdmark.

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How to submit work to Crowdmark

This video will show you how to submit handwritten work for an assessment using Crowdmark, and how to access your feedback once it’s been marked.

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11b Introduction to the second law 2

Here I describe what is hapenning in the two videos of the kid falling off the bike and the kid falling off the bike in reverse. I describe the natural order of things beign that order decreases and…

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11a Introduction to the second law

Here I show a series of irreversible processes. I discuss how in each case high quality energy is converted into lower quality energy and that this is inevitable. I introduce the concept of entropy.

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14c Brayton cycle with inefficiencies

Here I introduce two ineffinciencies into the ideal Brayton cycle I described in the previous lecture. Firstly, the effect of friction on the turbine and compressore. Then, I look at the effect of…

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14b Example of Brayton cycle

Here I go through an example of a Brayton cycle. I show that, using previous knowledge of devices, we can calculte the heat and work terms for the three devices and therefore work out the efficiency…

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E J Carroll

E J Carroll has been asked to join the Human Rights Action Group, alongside the Children and Young People's Commissioner for Scotland, to deliver their Promote, Protect and Defend report, which…

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