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Inside Perspective - life saving micro camera

Brain surgeries are dangerous and difficult procedures. The diagnosis of tumours in the brain is one such procedure which carries many risks, however a team of scientists from the university of…

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Robot Bees, Heroes or Villains

An investigation into whether robot bees are a viable solution for declining pollinators.

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RFID: Why Bees Where Backpacks

Radio frequency identification (RFID) helps scientists monitor and distinguish animals toosmall for conventional tagging. Originating in the Second World War, it is now helping usbetter understand…

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Are we sleeping on the solution to food shortages?

APS282 Group 2 video submission (May 2020)

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Flying Colours

The peppered moth is a classic example of colouration in biology. However, the science controlling this has remained largely unknown. New research on Heliconius butterflies at the University of…

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How do dogs benefit our mental health?

Do you own a cuddly canine friend? They could be doing you the world of good

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Unwrapped and Discarded

Just what is the zero-waste movement and how can it help you reduce your use of single-use plastic? Our students go on a fact finding mission to fill you in.

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The Secret Bee-hind Drones

As well as pollinating our crops and providing us with honey, bees are now helping scientists build drones! Take a look at how these amazing little creatures are helping us.

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Why aren't we eating insects?

They're full of protein, sustainable, and easy to grow - so why don't more people choose to eat insects? A whistle-stop tour of Sheffield finds that some people are very willing to try!

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Food for Thought

We've all heard of food miles, but is this the most important thing to consider when trying to eat sustainably? Our students look into the benefits of eating seasonally

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What is the environmental cost of a loaf of bread?

It's in everybody's kitchen, but just how much cost does a loaf of bread have on the environment? Our students look into the common ingredients with some help from environmental researchers…

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How sustainable is water use in meat production?

Most people are aware of the need to conserve fresh water in a growing society, but did you know that a huge amount goes into meat production? Our students investigate the link between the two.

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Sleep Apps, Do They Really Work?

There are numerous phone apps out there designed to help you monitor and improve your sleeping habits, but do they really work? Or is it the phone itself that is the insomnia-causing culprit?

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Green is the New Grey

How important are green spaces to the residents of Sheffield and what is the science behind this? Our students talk to a local MP about the council's plans to cut down many trees across the city.

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Food waste

Food waste occurs on a colossal scale, and one of its far-reaching implications relates to our energy consumption. Surprisingly, in the UK the largest contribution of food waste is from our homes.…

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The Sugary Secrets of Breakfast Cereals

Do you just how much sugar is in your breakfast cereal? Or what effect this can have on your body? Our students asked the residents of Sheffield and got some surprising results.

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