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Professor Guy Poppy - Feeding the world without costing the Earth

The keynote speech given by Guy Poppy, former Chief Scientific Advisor to the FSA and currently Director of the 'Transforming UK food systems' programme.

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Bright Minds - Food Sustainability

Introduced by Professor Duncan Cameron, co-director of our Institute for Sustainable Food, join Mary Eliza for her talk on 'Can we solve global warming, acid rain and smog all at once?'.

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Institute for Sustainable Food webinar - July 2020

The empty shelves of early days of the COVID-19 pandemic highlighted key flaws in our food supply chains.But simply growing more food is not the solution - there is a bigger issue at play according…

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Urban Horticulture - Dr Jill Edmondson

Urban land could grow fruit and veg for 15 per cent of the population, research showsUniversity of Sheffield experts map land suitable for growing fruit and veg in the city Available space could…

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