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We're makers

Advert showcasing the breadth of research taking place at the University of Sheffield. 60 sec - 1920x1080

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At Sheffield we're makers

Advert showcasing research impact at Sheffield. 30 sec - 1920x1080

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The hazardous journey of humans and eels

Why should we care about eels? In this story, Rosaleen Duffy talks about the day she met an eel face to face, reflecting on the hazards faced by eels on their long journey from the Sargasso sea to…

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Self-reflective research on human-carnivore conflict

Joseph Hamm's research centres on human-carnivore conflict in Tanzania. Here, he discusses how other conflicts (some internal, others external) influence his research and what this says about…

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Conservation rangers and security

Why is the ecological political? In this short story, doctoral researcher Sara van der Hoeven describes several surprising encounters with community wildlife rangers in northern Kenya in and outside…

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Encountering conspiracy theorists

Sanna Komi tells a story of wolf conservation in the post-truth era in Finland. She recalls encounters with people living next to wolves, and endeavours to understand what lies beyond post-truth…

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A future together is possible: will you make a vow?

Svongwa Nemadire tells a story of life in the township and a lecture abroad, which stirred him towards social justice research. He returned to Africa to stay in the village. There, he witnessed the…

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Human-tree relationships: the story of two trees from Southern Chile

Robert Petitpas's story describes two trees from Southern Chile and their relationships with humans: one relationship to scientists and the other to Indigenous people. Despite their dissimilar…

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Living with elephants in the villages near Selous Game Reserve in Tanzania

Dr Ruth Wairimu John from the Open University of Tanzania tells a story of how human-wildlife co-existence can be improved through the incorporation of traditional and Indigenous knowledge in the…

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A tale of wolves, dogs, people, and some stinky Spanish cheese

Hanna Pettersson tells a story about the intricate challenge of sharing space with wolves, and why we should hail pragmatism in conservation. She gives examples of people, places and situations…

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The Town Musicians of Bremen

An example of multilingual storytelling, produced for Lost Wor(l)ds

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Literacies Research Cluster Webinar: Story and storying in the pandemic: Dismantling official policy and “stuff” for children’s literacy learning

Literacies Research Cluster Dr Stavroula Kontovourki

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Connecting Places for Nature, People and Peace

This is a story of how researcher Elaine (Lan Yin) Hsiao became enthralled in the ancient elephant and forest corridors criss-crossing continents. The corridors are now divided or destroyed by…

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My journey to using technography in research

This is a story from Tavengwa Chitata about how he has evolved through different experiences and in the process, how his approach to research has evolved with these experiences. The story gives an…

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Solidarity in tourism for development

This is a story about how an indigenous community in Mexico adapts tourism to their culture of solidarity to support their members’ life projects. It centres on Itzel San Roman…

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Water, worldviews, and development

This is a story about people’s worldviews (their beliefs and common sense knowledge), how they fundamentally shape our behaviour and yet how they are so often ignored in development…

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