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The Town Musicians of Bremen

An example of multilingual storytelling, produced for Lost Wor(l)ds

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Literacies Research Cluster Webinar: Story and storying in the pandemic: Dismantling official policy and “stuff” for children’s literacy learning

Literacies Research Cluster Dr Stavroula Kontovourki

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Connecting Places for Nature, People and Peace

This is a story of how researcher Elaine (Lan Yin) Hsiao became enthralled in the ancient elephant and forest corridors criss-crossing continents. The corridors are now divided or destroyed by…

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My journey to using technography in research

This is a story from Tavengwa Chitata about how he has evolved through different experiences and in the process, how his approach to research has evolved with these experiences. The story gives an…

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Solidarity in tourism for development

This is a story about how an indigenous community in Mexico adapts tourism to their culture of solidarity to support their members’ life projects. It centres on Itzel San Roman…

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Water, worldviews, and development

This is a story about people’s worldviews (their beliefs and common sense knowledge), how they fundamentally shape our behaviour and yet how they are so often ignored in development policy and…

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A story of a river, rice and resource management

This story draws on Frances Cleaver’s experience of research in the Usangu Plains in South West Tanzania over 20 years. It tracks how development initiatives for improved land and water…

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A journey toward participatory research

This is a story about Juan Mario Diaz Arevalo's engagement with participatory research in Colombia and the UK. It reflects on the importance of working together with local communities as well as…

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Savannas, livelihoods and woody plant encroachment

Suma Mani's story highlights the phenomenon of woody plant encroachment in the savannas of South Africa viewed through the lens of both white and black farmers in the Eastern Cape. The story…

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Permits, geolocation and the forest: the story of a research stay in Indonesia

Laure Joanny recalls her experience of learning about the technologies keeping watch over Indonesia’s forest and wildlife, while having to report to the national authorities.

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Everything is connected: chocolate, national parks, the Sustainable Development Goals and conviviality

Judith Krauss tells three short stories on cocoa sustainability, national parks and the Sustainable Development Goals: they are part of one bigger story about how everything is connected, often in…

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Writer in Residence Workshop 2

Workshop 2 of 3 with writer in residence for the Faculty of Science Kerry Young on how to make the story of your writing come alive.

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Solving The Coastal Path Murders Using Forensic Evidence

Dr Angela Gallop, CBE, is an honorary graduate of The University of Sheffield and highly influential in the world of forensic Science. In this interview, Dr Gallop tells us the story of how she took…

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Hidden history: Rebuilding Sheffield Castle

There's a castle underneath Sheffield, buried for four hundred years. So why does no-one know about it?Working from previously unexplored archives and making use of exciting new technologies,…

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Why Research Matters

Marcia Vera is incredibly passionate about her research but her family found it difficult to understand why she wanted to give up a successful career to pursue a PhD. In this talk, Marcia discusses…

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A Tale Of Two People In One City

How can the lives and experiences of two people, who live in the same city but have never met, help with research into life expectancy and quality of life for the elderly? Peter Bath from the…

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