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Glass Melting Demonstration - Materials Science and Engineering

The glass melting demonstration is a show piece activity that takes place during Department Open Days. As part of their course, our students get a chance to pour both glass and aluminium themselves.

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3D Printing and Repairing Damaged Nerves - Materials

John Haycock and Frederik Claeyssens discuss the research being undertaken to create tissue by 3D printing that could be used to repair damaged nerves.

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Materials Science and Engineering - Employability

Find out how a course in Materials Science and Engineering can help you get into and exciting and rewarding career, and what types of jobs you could end up doing.

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Bitesize X-Lectures: Dr Andrew Chappell

In this lecture, hear Dr Andrew Chappell talk about on doping in sport.

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Bitesize X lectures: Dr Rhona Snook

In this lecture,Dr Rhonda Snook discusses the birds and the bees – but flies are more interesting

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10 Fantastic Ways to Use Leftover Tonsils: Including a Recipe for Our Perfect Cell Culture Dish

Vanessa Hearnden, Materials Science & Engineering. Experience a countdown through 10 experiments that researchers do using tonsils and the cells they culture from them. For example, experiments…

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The Colour of Enlightenment

Every day we are surrounded by a world of living colour, but what is the science behind the green of a spring leaf or the red of blood? Why can’t a dog see a red ball on green grass, but a bee…

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Breaking the Human Genome Code - Opening Pandora’s Box?

Recent technology advances have resulted in the ability to sequence anyone’s genome cheaply and quickly, but we are only just beginning the journey to discover the true meaning of our…

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The Data Farm

Like Hansel and Gretel’s breadcrumbs into the forest, we leave a trail of data-crumbs wherever we go: social networks, mobile phones, hospital visits, credit cards and loyalty cards. Our every…

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Sheffield Festival of Science and Engineering Promo Clip

Sheffield Festival of Science and Engineering celebrating world-class research in science, technology, engineering and maths (STEM) is back. This diverse programme will fascinate, entertain and…

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Revelation: Exhibition of Art Exploring Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine

Sheffield-based artist Kate Sully has created an exhibition of vibrant mixed media artwork inspired by cutting edge Bioengineering and Regenerative Medicine research at the University of Sheffield.…

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