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Postgrad Study (Careers Service)

Are you thinking of applying for a postgraduate course because you’re panicking about not having a job lined up for when you graduate? Or maybe simply to prolong your time at university?The…

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Taking Time Out

Taking time out after you graduate.

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Top Telephone Interviews

Where the recruitment process involves more than one interview stage, your first interview might be carried out by telephone or video as it is a cost effective way of handling large numbers of…

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Painless Presentations

Many job interviews involve giving a presentation, usually to a number of people from the organisation. Occasionally, you may be asked to give a presentation if you have applied for a PhD or a…

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Top Video Interviews

As with telephone interviews, video interviews are becoming more popular with organisations and institutions as part of the recruitment process. Some organisations prefer to conduct live interviews…

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What to Wear at Interview

First impressions are crucial. Your visual impact, such as the way you dress, your facial expressions and your body language, can help you to create a positive first impression. Let’s start…

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Top Tips for a Successful Interview

We asked experienced employers and admissions tutors for their interview tips. In this video, experts in the recruitment process tell us what makes a candidate stand out at interview. They also list…

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How to Succeed at: Interviews (trailer)

To add

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Making Your Research Count

In this video, recruiters tell us why they think research into their organisation is so important. They expect you to know what their organisation does, and this needs to come across in your…

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Skills That Employers Look For

In this video, employers describe some of the skills that they look for in applicants. Remember that from reading your application, the recruiter already believes you could be a good match for the…

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Top Tips for Being Shortlisted

We ask our expert employers and admission tutors for their top tips for getting short-listed.

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Personal Statements for Courses

Personal statements can be one of the most daunting aspects of an application form as you need to write about yourself, your interests and motivation. These can be a part of a job or course…

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Answering Motivational Questions

In this video, we ask selected employers how applicants should demonstrate their motivation. Motivational questions are designed to check how serious you are about applying for a particular job or…

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Use the ‘STAR’ technique to help you structure your answer: ‘STAR’ (Situation, Task, Action and Result) can help you provide a concise and effective answer to competency…

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Writing Applications: What Not to Do

Experienced recruiters and admissions tutors from a wide range of employment sectors provide their insights on how you can go wrong with an application form and reasons they would potentially reject…

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