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Bright Minds - Neuroscience

Introduced by Dr Heather Mortiboys, join Dr Simon Bell and Dr Tom Payne as they talk about their research into Alzheimer's Disease and Parkinson's Disease. 'How can the brain's…

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Parkinson's disease Q&A with Professor Oliver Bandmann

Oliver Bandmann, Professor of Movement Disorders Neurology, answers your questions about Parkinson's disease and the research taking place here at Sheffield. …

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The Big 30 - What will you do?

Take part in The Big 30 - Do 30 things through the 30 days of June - in support of Parkinson's disease research at the University of Sheffield. …

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Thank you for the Sheffield Scanner

Andrew Myers, a Parkinson's patient who we featured previously, wanted to pass on his thanks (and on behalf of all the other patients who will feel its benefit) for the generosity shown by our…

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Improving Parkinson's disease treatment with the Sheffield Scanner

We are working to raise £2 million to establish a ground-breaking MRI-PET facility. MRI-PET is the most advanced imaging technology to date, and will transform our understanding and treatment…

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Searching a non-invasive tool for early detection of Parkinson’s Disease.

Patients with Parkinson’s reveal key information of the disease whereas Dr Mariana Leriche invite the audience to help develop a diagnostic tool by playing an on-line game.

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How The Blue Mussel Helps to Treat Parkinsons Disease- amazing lessons from nature

The blue mussel, Parkinsons Disease and a male catheter - not three things that you would instantly connect in your mind. However, chemist Charles Stirling is about to do just that with these three…

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