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Online Learning at the English Language Teaching Centre

We are leaders at the English Language Teaching Centre (ELTC) in the field of online language learning; our latest BALEAP inspection described our Technology Enhanced Learning as…

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What are online university workshops like at university in 2020?

Third year Journalism student Alice vlogs her online video editing workshop and gives her thoughts on online teaching and learning. We're currently offering a blended approach to learning and…

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C-PDO #3 (Continuing Professional Development Online) - Using Online Polls for Teaching & Conferences

Looking to boost learner engagement in your webinar? Why not incorporate some online polling. We introduce you to three different polling tools which can help add interactivity to your webinars and…

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Welcome to the Health Technology Assessment Programme at ScHARR

Programme Lead Claire Beecroft welcomes new students to the programme and covers key things for new students to do during intro week.

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EDU6147 3a. What is Constructive Alignment?

EDU6147 3a. An Introduction to the Constructive Alignment framework for learning and teaching. This video gives a short overview of what is meant by constructive alignment and why and how it can be…

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EDU6147 4. What is Blooms Taxonomy?

This short video will introduce the history and basics of Bloom’s Taxonomy, one of the most widely used Learning and teaching principles. It was produced by the Professional Development Team…

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Constructive Alignment in Action

In this video, you’ll hear from staff involved in learning and teaching design at Sheffield. Each of them share their experiences using Constructive Alignment in their teaching. Their examples…

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Open Online Learning at the University of Sheffield

A brief overview of the work achieved by the Online Learning Team at the University of Sheffield.

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Digital Commons: The Language of Video

Video is increasingly used as a teaching tool. But where do you start?This session aimed to demystify the language of video and give some ideas about what types and styles of video can work well in…

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Introduction to the Digital University of Sheffield

Introducing an exciting new chapter in our story. The Digital University of Sheffield brings together hundreds of online courses, lectures, debates and discussions on everything from the sounds of…

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