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Glass Melting Demonstration - Materials Science and Engineering

The glass melting demonstration is a show piece activity that takes place during Department Open Days. As part of their course, our students get a chance to pour both glass and aluminium themselves.

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3D Printing and Repairing Damaged Nerves - Materials

John Haycock and Frederik Claeyssens discuss the research being undertaken to create tissue by 3D printing that could be used to repair damaged nerves.

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Materials Science and Engineering - Employability

Find out how a course in Materials Science and Engineering can help you get into and exciting and rewarding career, and what types of jobs you could end up doing.

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10 Fantastic Ways to Use Leftover Tonsils: Including a Recipe for Our Perfect Cell Culture Dish

Vanessa Hearnden, Materials Science & Engineering. Experience a countdown through 10 experiments that researchers do using tonsils and the cells they culture from them. For example, experiments…

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