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How to Green Screen using Premiere Pro

Learn how to super-impose your own video or still image backgrounds using Adobe Premiere Pro

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An exploration of the benefits and challenges of collaborative working within a knowledge exchange framework - Dr Annette Haywood

ScHARR Mini Master Class in Health Research #20 AbstractThe launch of the Knowledge Exchange Framework (KEF) and the emphasis placed on Innovation as one of the University’s four pillars has…

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Urban Horticulture - Dr Jill Edmondson

Urban land could grow fruit and veg for 15 per cent of the population, research showsUniversity of Sheffield experts map land suitable for growing fruit and veg in the city Available space could…

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SSoA Live Projects - Pipworth Green

SSoA Live Projects - Pipworth Green

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Urban Agriculture with Ron Finley

Ron planted edibles on the parkway outside of his South LA home and a revolution was started. His path to dissent began with the recognition that he lived in a food prison, a community designed to…

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