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Anna Dutton Discovery session 21st June 2017 - trimmed audio source

Anna Dutton Discovery session 21st June 2017 - trimmed audio source A session to look at strategies for how we use our hub, and what the key stakeholders needs are

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Country House Brewing and Satis House Brewery

In this video, Amber discusses the brewery at Satis House, and considers the significance of beer and brewing in ‘Great Expectations’. One of the first things that Pip notices when he…

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Material Conditions: Serialising Novels

In this video, Amber and Adam discuss the publication history of ‘Great Expectations’, its serialisation in ‘All The Year Round’ and various changes made across different…

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Putting Miss Havisham and Satis House into Context

In this video we will explore the gothic legacy of literary portrayals of the English country house. In ‘Great Expectations’, Charles Dickens presents us with a wasting, declining…

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Close Reading Great Expectations: The Older Pip and Decay

In this video, Amber presents a close reading of the following passage from Chapter 8 of ‘Great Expectations’. She looks for evidence of the older Pip’s voice and perspective, and…

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The Great War Remembered

Head out on a tour of a First World War training ground near Sheffield. Along the walk, archaeologist Helen Ullathorne explains the features of trench systems and using historical documents,…

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Great Ideas of Biology by Sir Paul Nurse

Sir Paul Nurse was awarded the Nobel Prize in Physiology or Medicine in 2001, and until 30th November 2015 was the President of the Royal Society. Three of the great ideas of biology are the gene…

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On the tail of invasive grey squirrels

How can scientists track the invasion of new species? Our students explain recent research that is helping find out where our invasive population of grey squirrels is coming from in an effort to…

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