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Introducing... Michelle Rawlins

After 25 years in the media, Michelle Rawlins became a journalism tutor, passing on her knowledge and skills to the next generation – and it's working out beautifully for her and them. In…

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Ethics in online surveys

A few comments about doing online surveys ethically

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1 Introduction to research ethics course

Here I describe the importance of reseach ethics. Then I describe the course that students will take at Sheffield and talk them through the Blackboard site.

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9 Final thoughts

What to submit alongside your thesis. Four principles of responsible research

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8 Harrasment and bullying

These are unacceptable practices. DO NOT take part in them. If you feel you are being harrassed or bullied. report it immediately and you will be supported.

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7 Collaboration and Conflicts of Interest

Collaborations need to be managed and agreements put into place to deal with working together in an equaitable manner. A conflict of interest can make other parties question the legitimcy of your…

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6 Managing data

A few hints on managing data and where to find more information

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5 Publishing (2)

What not to do. Choice of authors, plagiarism,

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4 Publishing (1)

An introduction to ethical publishing and open data.

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3 Ethical approval for research

Here I clarify why we need approval before data is collected. I mention the types of work that will need approval. Post hoc approval is not granted, so it needs to be applied for before the work…

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2 Introduction to good research.

I introduce WHY we should be ethical in our research and the pitfalls of failing to do this. I show the University's GRIP policy. I introduce the 4 principles of responsible research.

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Research Professionalism & Integrity introduction lecture 2018

A lecture given by Professor Tony Ryan on research professionalism and integrity as part of a compulsory module for PhD students in the Faculty of Science. Followed by a panel discussion with other…

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Ethics in Science 2014

An introductory lecture on research ethics and integrity by Professor Pete Redgrave followed by a panel debate with academics in the Faculty of Science.

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Criticism in Science....

This video examines key issues in the way that science is critiqued, and looks at some of the reasons why scientists they not critique their own work as rigorously as they sometimes should......

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Wasim Ahmed - Ethics of Social Media Data

Wasim Ahmed from the iSchool talks about ethics and the use of social media for research as part of the Bite Size Guide to Research in the 21st Century series at ScHARR

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What is the Future for Robots That Can Sense the World?

In this video, Owen and Jonathan discuss some of the industries that could benefit from drone technology in the near future. We’ll then hear from Noel Sharkey about some of the ways this…

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