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Introduction to the Core Essentials for Digital Education

The Core Essentials framework provides a foundation for how we use digital technologies to ensure students receive a first-class digital education experience on their programmes.Get a summary of the…

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Aerospace Engineering Intro Week L1 - Design and Build a Model Glider

L1 design and build a model glider during Intro Week.

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An introduction to springs - different types and their uses, and how to select them.

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Bearings: basic analysis to inform the selection process

A look at bearing selection and lifetime calculations. Apologies that the slides on variable loads and multiple bearings got out of sync in the middle - use the PDF to clarify if necessary.

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Bearings: an introduction

A basic introduction to bearings and their applications.

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Product Design Specification

This video explains how to use Pugh's Product Design Selection method to ensure all the relevant factors are considered when specifying a product for design.

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Intro to MEC333 Project

This video gives more detail on the MEC333 wheelie bin project, reiterating some of the information in the module overview document and on Make: Projects.

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Introduction to MEC333

This video gives a brief overview of the module - it's structure and purpose.

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Machine Elements Selection

This video explains how the machine elements selection part of the module works.

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6 - Final advice and XFOIL trouble shooting

How to reinitialise the flow, advice on producing nice polars and finding stall point

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5 - Plotting boundary layer info and saving other plots

Plotting boundary layer info, saving airfoil geom and cp plots, skin friction vs pressure drag

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4. Comparing the performance of two NACA 4 digit airfoils

Saving and comparing the polars of two airfoils. Running to a prescribed Cl for quick airfoil comparison

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3. Basic airfoil analysis in XFOIL

Changing panel number, running sequence of alphas, polar accumulation, saving polars to PC and creating a basic plot.

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2. Getting started in XFOIL

Specifying a NACA airfoil, running inviscid and viscous at a certain alpha, changing window size

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1. How to download and install XFOIL

This video describes how to download and install XFOIL on a PC.

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ScHARR - About the Design Trials and Statistics Group

Design Trials and Statistics (DTS)DTS is one of four academic groups within the School of Health and Related Research (ScHARR) at the University of Sheffield. The other groups are Health Economics…

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