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ScHARR Pemberton Lecture November 2021 - Greg Fell

The Threat is Real - Pandemics, Public Health and Long Shadows ...or, 'what was it REALLY like'

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Politics, people and protection in a post-pandemic world

In this event, chaired by Emeritus Professor Marie Kinsey, our panel of experts reflect on the impact of the past year, identify the key public health lessons that have been learnt and address how…

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ScHARR Mini MasterClass in Health Research #6 - Colin Angus - Visualising the Covid-19 Pandemic

Presenter - Colin AngusAbstractCOVID-19 has changed our everyday lives in many huge and disruptive ways, including a substantial impact on mortality and illness. However, one notable byproduct of the…

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USA Webinar with Tony Ryan - December 2020

Will you join the discussion on how we can create a more sustainable future? During the webinar you'll learn how your University has developed techniques to grow plants using synthetic soils,…

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How to register for a Covid - 19 test at the Octagon testing centre (Jordan)

How to register for a Covid - 19 test at the Octagon testing centre

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How to register for a Covid - 19 test at the Octagon testing centre (Matt)

How to register for a Covid - 19 test at the Octagon testing centre

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Self-isolating after travelling to university from abroad

Journalism student Ines talks about her experience of self-isolating after arriving at the University of Sheffield from her home country of Portugal. We’re here to support all students who have…

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What’s face to face teaching like at The University of Sheffield | Journalism Studies

How is the University of Sheffield making sure face-to-face teaching is safe for students? Tansy talks about her experience as a student here, including information on new social distancing measures,…

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Ask our academic experts

Dr Andrew Lee, Reader of Global Public Health in the School of Health and Related Research, is one of the appointed academic experts responsible for advising the University about its response to…

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What to expect on campus this year

Our Covid-secure campus for students.

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Returning to Campus

Discover how we've been preparing the campus for the start of term, and learn about the key safety measures we have in place.

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Return to Campus Rewatch With Tansy

If you’re an international student you might have questions about how the University of Sheffield are responding to COVID-19 and ensuring everyone has a safe experience. Our Content Creator…

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6 ways to boost your skills during the pandemic

This short video outlines 6 ways you can continue boosting your skills during the COVID-19 pandemic.

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CV-19 impact on City Law Firms - Ian Bagshaw - June 2020

Law alumnus Ian Bagshaw (LLB Law 1993), a partner with White & Case, kindly gave a talk and answered questions from students about the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic on city law firms and their…

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新学年 , 谢大校园会有什么变化?

A short explainer about what to expect on campus in the new academic year.

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How to create a Turnitin submission point (original version)

Instructions on how to create a Turnitin submission point to support the Spring Alternative assessment period.

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