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Informed Consent in Research with Children (13/03/2024) WRDTP: ECY

This training session is aimed at students who want to understand the complexities of negotiating informed consent in research with children and young people. It takes the form of a conversation…

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ScHARR Mini Master Class in Health Research - Michelle Black - 'Best Start in Life', then what?

Abstract: During her talk Michelle will share findings from her research which explores the relationship between development in school age children and subsequent weight and mental health in…

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The Town Musicians of Bremen

An example of multilingual storytelling, produced for Lost Wor(l)ds

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ScHARR Mini Master Class in Health Research # 11 - Dr Sam Caton

AbstractDiets rich in plant-based foods confer benefits for planetary and human health. Despite this, adults and children do not consume the recommended daily amount of vegetables. This presentation…

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E J Carroll

E J Carroll has been asked to join the Human Rights Action Group, alongside the Children and Young People's Commissioner for Scotland, to deliver their Promote, Protect and Defend report, which…

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EDU205 - Children and Digital Cultures

Digital technology has transformed the lives of many, impacting on culture and society. Many young people have quickly seen ways of extending and deepening social networks through their uses of…

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Playing in a Museum

Dr Abigail Hackett, a postdoctoral researcher in the Centre for the Study of Childhood and Youth at the University of Sheffield, speaks from Weston Park Museum in Sheffield, where she carried out her…

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ScHARR App Hack - British National Formulary for Children

This short video is to help students and academics make better use of their smartphones, tablets and phablets. This video navigates the British National Formulary for Children. You will need an NHS…

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Project SunbYte: Outreach

The Sheffield University Nova Balloon Lifted Solar Telescope (SunbYte) is a high-altitude balloon experiment devised and run largely by students at the University of Sheffield. Watch to find out a…

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