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APS 327 Module Intro v2

Tim Birkhead gives and introduction to the module

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Introduction to "APS 327 - History and Philosophy of Science" by Professor Tim Birkhead

Professor Tim Birkhead gives an introduction to the module "APS 327 - History and Philosophy of Science", outlining its content, how it's taught and how it is assessed.

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APS 327 - Five Presentation Topics to Think About

Professor Tim Birkhead outlines five possible topics that you could use as the subject of your group presentation

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Can dishonest science ever be justified....?

In this presentation, our students ask whether dishonesty in science can ever be justified, referring to famous cases where scientific evidence may have been falsified, looking at the cases of Gregor…

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Impact Factor on trial

In this presentation, our students use a courtroom drama setting to investigate whether "Impact Factor" is a justified and unbiased way to evaluate the importance and contribution of…

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An Embryological Carol

An Embryological Carol - The Persistence of Preformationism and its Downfall. Video by Amy Birdle, Gurveena Sungha, Steph White & Jack Taylor.

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Aristotle's Contribution to Modern Science

Join Aristotle, one of the most well known Pre Socratic Philosophers for a job interview to see if he would be suitable for the role of 'modern scientist'. By Paul Campbell, Chloe Short,…

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