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How our rocket broke the UK altitude record | Sheffield Space Initiative

After an award-winning first launch, Team SunrIde returned to New Mexico with an even more powerful rocket. Here's how our student rocket engineers used their scientific knowledge to break the…

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The rocket built by students | Sheffield Space Initiative

Find out how a group of students made it from the labs here in Sheffield to an international rocket engineering competition in the USA.

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Building a Future with Robots: Meet the Educators

Meet the educators from Sheffield Robotics who contribute to the free online course 'Building a Future with Robots.'

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What Does a Future with Robots Look Like?

Each of our educators has a vision for a future with robots. We ask, has learning about the current research and development and where it’s potentially going given you some insight into why…

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How Future Robotic Teams Might Work Together

Our experts share what the future will look like for team working robots. First up, Dr Jonathan Aitken gives us a glimpse into the factories of the future, explaining how the Kuka iiwa robot arm…

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Robotics in Your Career

Who might be working with robots in the future? Could the study of robotic systems be the key to unlocking your future career? In this video, academics and students from The University of Sheffield…

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Robot-Robot Team: Cooperative Games

As we have seen in previous videos, a human-robot team, the robot knows how to act because the human controller is telling it what to do. However, in a robot-robot team, the robots must interact and…

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Human-Robot Team: A Robot Assisted Surgery

The Royal Hallamshire Hospital in Sheffield is home to one of the world’s most advanced medical robots: The daVinci Si. In this video, Urological surgeon David Yates discusses his working…

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Teamwork and Swarms

Swarm robotics provides another mechanism for the coordination of multi-robot systems. In robot swarms, a desired collective behavior emerges from the interactions between the robots and interactions…

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Using a Brain-Computer Interface

Dr Mahnaz Arvaneh is developing a brain-computer interface (BCI) which uses electroencephalography (EEG) technology to read brain signals and convert them into actions on a computer screen. In this…

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How Might Bioinspired Robots Help us in our Future?

We take a look into a realistic future for robots inspired by nature. Emily Collins is a PhD student in Psychology and in this video, she explains her research which explores how human psychology and…

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Synthetic Psychology

Traditional psychology and neuroscience can often struggle to fully understand how humans work. Synthetic psychology offers a complementary approach, taking theories and testing them out in robotic…

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Using mind Control to Empower Those With Disabilities

In October 2016, Switzerland hosted the world’s first Cybathlon, where pilots with severe physical disabilities competed using advanced assistive technologies. The Cybathlon provides a…

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Using Biomimicry to Build Robust Robots

Natural organisms, through millions of years of natural selection, have evolved to take on the challenges of their environment. These attributes make them adaptable, versatile and robust and it is…

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Studying Natural Swarms

Previously we have seen how bioinspiration can influence the design of individual robots. But the natural world can also offer a solution for multi-robot systems where robots need to work…

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What is the Future for Robots That Can Sense the World?

In this video, Owen and Jonathan discuss some of the industries that could benefit from drone technology in the near future. We’ll then hear from Noel Sharkey about some of the ways this…

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