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About ScHARR's Design Trials and Statistics group

ScHARR Design Trials and Statistics aim to conduct analysis of clinical cost-effectiveness for health technologies. DTS is one of four academic groups within the School of Health and Related…

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2019 at the University of Sheffield

As the year draws to a close we are looking back over some of the best stories from throughout the year.

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URI Video Session Part 1

This video is a screencast of the session given to the URI Institution for Sustainable Food on 23rd October 2019

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Tales of joy Victoria Parker

Tale of Joy for the Think Ahead Researcher Professional Development blog

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CEE VR - a new immersive gaming experience

CEE VR is an immersive gaming experience developed by project team at the Department of Urban Studies and Planning, led by Dr. Nisha at University of Sheffield. The gaming experience was developed to…

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#TalesofJoyinResearch 12 - Victoria Parker

Video for blog post on Tales of Joy in Research

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Reasons To Be Proud 2019/20

There are so many reasons to be proud of Sheffield this year...

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The Mattress Moment

What use is an old mattress? This is the fascinating story of how our scientists are helping to solve the global food crisis using the most unlikely of materials - a pile of old mattresses.

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Little Tales of Joy in Research by Heloise Stevance

A large number of reports about the mental health and wellbeing of researchers and academics in HE keep reminding us that things are not very rosy at the moment. Much of what is being written about…

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Revealed: Chatsworth's servants over the centuries

Three PhD students from the School of English have had unprecedented access to previously unseen archives at Chatsworth House for the first time. The findings have revealed fascinating new insights…

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Research Data Management

Research Data Management workshop delivered by Jennifer Smith (Scholarly Communications Librarian) for 1st year PhD students in the Faculty of Science.

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How to beat digital distraction and write more episode 11 - How to reference your research well

In this short series of podcasts I want to help you be more productive with your writing and help you get things done. In this podcast I want to discuss the kind of things that will help your writing…

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What is the Sound of Science?

The Sound of Science - the flagship event from the 2018 Festival of the Mind at The University of Sheffield - is a unique combination of music, performance and science, that explores some of the most…

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Research Professionalism & Integrity introduction lecture 2018

A lecture given by Professor Tony Ryan on research professionalism and integrity as part of a compulsory module for PhD students in the Faculty of Science. Followed by a panel discussion with other…

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2017 ScHARR Pemberton Lecture - Reform strategies for the NHS: effective or cosmetic cladding? - Dr Jennifer Dixon CBE

The NHS is the largest, highest profile, most complex and risky industry in Europe, in England alone spending £124bn this year, employing over 1m staff and providing care for the majority of…

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Types of Sources

Study Skills Hack created by 301 Academic Skills Centre. Primary - first hand, immediate, raw, data/findings Secondary - second hand, after the fact, interpreted, analysis Quantitative - numerical,…

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