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Master Class 1 , Measuring the impact of QI: reflections from evaluating a major programme

Connecting to integrate QI and evaluation practiceThis event is the first in a series of master classes and virtual study groups that aim to provide insight and learning about the practice of QI …

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Introducing... Dr Dmitry Chernobrov

In the first of a new series introducing academic staff from the Department of Journalism Studies, Dr Dmitry Chernobrov discusses what he loves about teaching, why he joined the University of…

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Highlights from 2020 at the University of Sheffield

Some of the top news and research from the University of Sheffield in 2020.

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AMRC North West

AMRC North West will boost Lancashire’s reputation as one of the UK’s most innovative regions for advanced manufacturing and extending the AMRC’s footprint across the north.

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The “Comfort Women” Issue Japan’s Changing Stigma Management Strategy

In this research seminar presentation Dr. Kristian Hauken explores Japan’s ongoing re-configuration of diplomatic policy regarding the “comfort women” issue. By applying the…

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Critical perspectives on the “global” success of J-pop and K-pop idols

In this research seminar presentations, Dororthy Finan explores how imaginations of Japan and Korea influence the relative successes of popular cultural products, and uses this as a lens to…

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Megan Blake research interests and current projects

Research profile

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SEAS Seminar series - Steering Eldercare Service Development in China - 13-11-20

Steering Eldercare Service Development in China By Dr Christina MaagsWith 249.5 million people over the age of 60 in 2018, the PR China has the largest absolute amount of elderly people in the world…

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Methods for change 6 Nov 2020,

Methods for Change workshop slide FSS2020 Manchester. Research process for moving from research to impactful change

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Career insights: Digital - User eXperience Design & Research

Join HIVE IT as they take you through the range of things you can do in the world of User Experience design and research; showing you some of the key steps in a UX process and applying them to how…

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Food Ladders Explainer

In this video I describe the Food Ladders framework for building community resilience and reducing food insecurity. The slides are available in the attachments.

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1 Introduction to research ethics course

Here I describe the importance of reseach ethics. Then I describe the course that students will take at Sheffield and talk them through the Blackboard site.

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Connecting Places for Nature, People and Peace

This is a story of how researcher Elaine (Lan Yin) Hsiao became enthralled in the ancient elephant and forest corridors criss-crossing continents. The corridors are now divided or destroyed by…

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Creating videos and animations for Research and Teaching

Animation is increasingly used as a complementary and effective way to communicate research and teach students. Whilst it might seem a bit daunting to try and make your own animations and videos,…

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MSc Clinical Research Webinar

MSc Clinical Research Webinar from the University of Sheffield

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Reseach Expertise in Germanic Studies (Summer 2020)

Reseach Expertise in Germanic Studies (Summer 2020).

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