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New Zealand Movie

A short film by student Jordan Ivey about his experience on the New Zealand field class last summer.

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Stonewall 2019 Announcement

Vice-President for Education, Professor Wyn Morgan, explains why it's important to be recognised by Stonewall, following their Top 100 announcement.

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Can you run on custard?

Join the MEng Engineering students for a custard run! Find out if it's possible to run on custard, what we mean by a non-newtonian fluid. And how all of this helps to get the ketchup out of the…

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2017 at the University of Sheffield

As the year draws to a close we are looking back over some of the best stories from throughout the year.

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The 12th Roberts Lecture: Power lies with the powerful - or has social media allowed social movements to defy gravity?

The University was to delighted to welcome alumnus and Honorary Graduate the Rt Hon Lord Blunkett to deliver the 12th Roberts Lecture on Thursday 12 October 2017 in Firth Hall.In his lecture, Lord…

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Students on MOOCs: How to Succeed at Interviews / Applications

Some of our University of Sheffield students respond to our massively popular and Massive Open Online Courses (MOOCs) - How to Succeed at: Applications & How to Succeed at: Interviews. …

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The importance of mobile journalism in newsdays

Mobile journalism is an integral part of our journalism training here at the University of Sheffield. Watch to see just some of the ways that this technology is harnessed by students during newsdays.…

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The importance of feedback during a newsday

Tutors and journalism students work together closely during a newsday. Constant feedback is an integral part of the newsday experience, and we hear from industry professionals how feedback is used in…

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What are newsdays?

Staff and students from the Department of Journalism Studies explain how 'newsdays' are used to help train journalists at the University of Sheffield. Music is Take it Easy by MBB.…

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A message to help students prepare for newsdays

Thinking about coming to study journalism at the University of Sheffield? In this video, staff and students share some advice for those about to embark on a journalism degree. Music is Shine by…

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External contributors on a newsday

The Department of Journalism Studies is fortunate to have excellent links with practicing journalists all around the world. Watch to see how we bring tutors from outside of the university to help…

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Collaborating with the BBC - a case study

This year our students worked closely with BBC Radio Sheffield & The Star newspaper. Using the power of social media, we reported from some of the worst 'grotspots' in Sheffield -…

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What kind of challenges will the students face on newsdays?

Newsdays are a great way of utilising the skills and techniques our journalism students have learnt at Sheffield. We explore some of the specific challenges that are likely to be faced during the…

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Behind the scenes on a newsday - creating a news report

Join Rachel Lewis, one of our masters students at the University of Sheffield as she creates a news report during a newsday. Find out how the newsroom works, and some of the steps involved in…

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Creating a Social Media Video for BBC Radio Sheffield

Watch this short video to find out how one of our students harnessed the power of Facebook to create video content for our colleagues at BBC Radio Sheffield.

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Criminologists Watching... Orange is the New Black

Taystee and Piper might be behind bars but their stories break out of the prison drama format. PhD Reader Abigail Stark and Lecturer in Law, Cormac Behan at The University of Sheffield tunnel into…

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