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Dr Gwen Reilly (Bioengineering Lecturer) - Wall of Women - The University of Sheffield

Our engineering diversity. As part of The University of Sheffield's 'Women in Engineering Initiative' we are interviewing our female engineers, past, present and future to talk about…

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Materials Trailer 1

'Movie Trailer' - Introducing Materials Science and Engineering

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Inspirational Academics - Amy Gandy

Dr Amy Gandy is working to solve the world's growing energy demands. Inspired by her dad to pursue a career in Nuclear Engineering, Amy is inspiring her students to find the solutions to some of…

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Inspirational Academics: Amy Gandy

Dr Amy Gandy describes her work at the University of Sheffield, and reveals what she finds inspiring about her research, the University and her teaching experiences.

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Glass Melting Demonstration - Materials Science and Engineering

The glass melting demonstration is a show piece activity that takes place during Department Open Days. As part of their course, our students get a chance to pour both glass and aluminium themselves.

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3D Printing and Repairing Damaged Nerves - Materials

John Haycock and Frederik Claeyssens discuss the research being undertaken to create tissue by 3D printing that could be used to repair damaged nerves.

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Royce Discovery Centre Architect Fly-through

Architect's 3D fly-through of the Royce Discovery Centre at the University of Sheffield

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Materials Science and Engineering - Employability

Find out how a course in Materials Science and Engineering can help you get into and exciting and rewarding career, and what types of jobs you could end up doing.

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Materials Science and Engineering Course Structure

We tell you what you can expect from you Materials Science and Engineering undergraduate degree course at the University of Sheffield.

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Materials Science and Engineering - Life in the Department

Find out what it's like to study Materials Science and Engineering at the University of Sheffield.

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What is Materials Science

What is Materials Science? We see materials in our everyday lives, Materials Scientists and Engineers understand the materials - how they work on an atomic scale and how they perform in full scale.…

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Harvesting energy from everyday devices

Ian Reaney, Professor of Functional Ceramics at The University of Sheffield describes how we can use piezoelectric, and thermoelectric materials to harvest energy from everyday activities. These is…

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