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Sheffield Authors Showcase - Ronald Illingworth - The Normal Child

Hear from some of those who have been inspired by Ronald Illingworth's influential book "The Normal Child". Born in Harrogate in 1909, Ronald Stanley Illingworth was a pioneer in…

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Create Journals in MOLE

Create Journals in MOLE

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The 13th Roberts Lecture. University Teaching in a Post-Knowledge Age by Professor Neil Rackham

On Wednesday 27 March, the 13th Roberts Lecture was delivered by alumnus, honorary graduate and experimental psychologist Professor Neil Rackham. Professor Rackham’s lecture, ‘University…

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Library Help Week - Kate

Meet Kate, one of our friendly team within The University of Sheffield Library.

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Research Data Management

Research Data Management workshop delivered by Jennifer Smith (Scholarly Communications Librarian) for 1st year PhD students in the Faculty of Science.

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Celebrating BAME with titles

The University of Sheffield Library asked students and staff to nominate books by BAME authors or with BAME themes which have inspired them. Have you been inspired by a particular book or author?…

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Introduction to #ReadingForDiversity

The #ReadingForDiversity campaign invites staff, students and the wider community to get involved in a conversation about reading for diversity. Students and staff will nominate a book based around a…

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ReadingForDiversity - LGBT History Month

As part of LGBT+ History Month, some of our staff and students have nominated books either by LGBT+ authors, or with an LGBT+ theme. Have you been inspired by a particular book or author? Share your…

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Information and Digital Literacy Workshops

Looking for quality, relevant information for your assignment?Would you like to learn more about avoiding plagiarism and how to reference correctly?Or maybe you want to stand out from the crowd and…

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Understanding How You Learn

Study Skills Hack created by 301 Academic Skills Centre. Visual - colourful note cards, pictures, mind maps, videos, flowcharts, colours and symbols to denote themes/key ideas. Auditory - Recordings…

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Have your say... The Library Survey 2018

As we plan for the future of library services and library buildings, it is very important that we understand your perceptions and expectations. Comments from previous surveys have really made a…

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Wendy Michallat - 320 Rue St Jacques

In November 1939 Madeleine Blaess, a French-born, British-raised student, set off for Paris to study for a doctorate in Medieval French literature at the Sorbonne. In June 1940, the German invasion…

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Opening of the Diamond building by first Briton in space - Dr Helen Sharman OBE, alumna of the University of Sheffield

University of Sheffield alumna and the first Briton to go into space, Dr Helen Sharman OBE, has officially opened the Diamond - the University’s newest world-class teaching and research…

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The Pop-up Library

An introduction to the Pop-up Library. For more information, or to request a Pop-up Library in your department, please contact Verity Herbert:

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How to book Assistive Spaces

This helpful guide will show you how to book Assistive Spaces using the Connect2 Resource Booking system.

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The University Library - Your Top 10 Tips

Ten top library tips for new students.

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